Rate-based sales of goods and services from campus units to internal and external customers are subject to guidelines regarding rate-setting and recording transactions. The campus facilitates an annual process regarding all Rate-Based Service Activities (RBSAs). RBSAs are defined as instances in which goods or services are provided at consistent rates based on units of sale (e.g., $100 per hour), in any volume or frequency, to customers internal or external to CU Boulder.

The submission deadline for fiscal year 2023-24 (FY24) rates is April 30, 2023. Rate development documents (rate sheets and certifications) are available at the links below.

Determining which units qualify as RBSAs is a nuanced process with many factors. BFP works closely with the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) to ensure that all new and prospective RBSA units fully undergo the RBSA determination process. If you believe that your unit may qualify as an RBSA, or would simply like to explore further, please email BFP at rates@colorado.edu to initiate the process.

RBSA Fiscal Year-end Planning

BFP has provided a tool to assist units with both internal and external customers to complete RBSA fiscal year-end transfers. Learn more on the RBSA Fiscal Year-end Planning page.

FY24 Rate Sheets

In February-March, we offer four RBSA group training sessions to assist units in preparing for the upcoming RBSA rate-setting cycle. All training sessions are virtual, via Zoom.

All RBSAs, as defined above, are required to complete and submit the above rate sheets annually, with the following exceptions:

  • Activities anticipated to generate no external revenues and less than $10,000 of internal revenues during the upcoming fiscal year
  • Activities anticipated to generate no internal revenues, and for which the good or service is produced without any related expenses charged to the speedtype
    •  For situations of this nature, there are no statutory minimum or maximum rate levels, meaning that rate development via the rate sheets above is not necessary.  However, a brief, one-time certification and statement of selected rates is required and will stand until/unless circumstances change and this exception no longer applies.

Revenues do not imply RBSA status if they are generated from one of the following activities:

  • Registration fees for conferences or sponsored events
  • Ticket sales for admission to permanent venues (e.g., museums) or occasional events (e.g., concerts)
  • Fees or fines assessed to students or the public
  • Retail-like sales of goods (e.g., t-shirts, advertising space)
  • Passive revenue accumulation from contractual arrangements, royalties, or profit-sharing
  • Direct reimbursements wherein the customer funds the purchase of an item used in a service provision (e.g., equipment or parts)
  • Residual distributions from a scope-based contract in Fund 33

Internal customers
Anyone with a CU speedtype (except fund 80). Learn more on our internal customers webpage.

External customers
Fund 80 speedtypes and those without speedtypes (private individuals, companies, etc.). Learn more on our external customers webpage.