In fall 2018, in an effort to improve transparency and student affordability, the campus eliminated course and program fees and shifted the source of funding from student-paid fees to campus-funded budgets, now reconceived as Academic Program Allocations (APAs). 

APAs Transition Plan


The APAs process will begin a three-year pilot period July 1, 2019.


  • For questions regarding a specific school/college's implementation plan, please contact the dean's office.
  • Procedural questions can be directed to the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning (BFP) by emailing


  • Course and program fees were eliminated fall 2018 as a part of the The Be Boulder Pact and its efforts to reduce the cost of attendance at CU Boulder. 
  • A working group of unit representatives was created in 2018 to make recommendations to the senior vice provost for academic resource management and deputy chief financial officer.