FY 2023-24 Fee Proposal Timeline

Forms, timeline, and process published Sept. 15
Call for fee proposals Oct. 3
Completed forms due to bfp@colorado.edu:

All non-CUSG fee requests

Oct. 28
Fee Advisory Board reviews non-CUSG fee requests Oct. 31-Nov. 25
BFP completes reviews and returns any fee request forms to units that need revisions Nov. 25
Fee requests needing revisions are returned to BFP. No additional revisions accepted after this date. Dec. 2

BFP meets with Provost and SVC/CFO to review final fee proposals

Dec. 12
Determinations submitted to requestors Dec. 16
BFP submits fee templates to CU System Jan. 6
Fee requests presented to Board of Regents Feb. 9-10
Board of Regents vote on fee requests for FY 2023-24 Apr. 27-28