This page focuses on student services, technology and academic facilities capital construction fees. It does not highlight CU Student Government (CUSG) approved fees, which has their own governing process. To learn more about the CUSG fees and view contact information, please visit the CUSG webpage.

Any interested party may initiate a proposal for a new fee or revision of an existing fee.

Each interested party must prepare a fee proposal using the below listed fee request forms and submit the proposal to the applicable vice chancellor for review.

Required fee request forms

After submitting the required fee request forms, the vice chancellor will submit the proposal to the Fee Advisory Board (FAB) for review and recommendations. Fees for permanent student purposes do not require a vote of the student body. Subsequent reviews and approvals will be sought from the Chancellor, the President, and the Board of Regents.

View the mandatory fee planning calendar for the current timeline for approvals.

For in-depth explanation of the approval process, see the Institutional Student Fee Plan (PDF)