Daneil Leithinger


Daniel Leithinger, assistant professor (ATLAS Institute & Computer Science) creates shape-changing human computer interfaces that push digital information past the boundaries of flat displays, and into the real world. Motivated by the belief that computers must embrace the dexterity and expressiveness of the human body, his interfaces allow users to touch, grasp and deform data physically. Daniel received his PhD at the MIT Media Lab in 2015. His academic publications have been published at ACM UIST, TEI and CHI conferences, and he has received design awards from Fast Company, Red Dot and IDEA. Projects like "inFORM" have been exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, Ars Electronica Museum, and the Milan Design Week.

For more information about Daniel Leithinger's past work with the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media lab, visit his MIT Media Lab page.



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