The MS program in Creative Technologies + Design equips students with skills in three areas:

  • Design—needs assessment, articulating alternatives, selection process, iteration, developing solutions.
  • The business of creativity—communicating work visually and verbally, engaging with industry, networking and professional skills.
  • Technical fluency—a foundation in contemporary digital skills including coding and development.

Semester Class #1 Class #2 Class #3
Year One (Fall) Professional Seminar: Business of Creativity Design Methods Creative Technologies 
Year One (Spring) Design Studio
Tech Focus Requirement  sample courses
Tech Focus Requirement 
sample courses
Year Two (Fall) Design Studio or Technical Focus or Critical Perspectives Requirement

Critical Perspectives Requiremnt (sample courses) or Technical Focus (sample courses) Requirement



Tech Focus Requirement 

sample courses

Year Two (Spring) Project Focus: Design Studio, or Technical  Focus Requirement 
sample courses
CTD Thesis Project  

(This schedule assumes the program is completed in two years, but completion time is flexible.)