The ATLAS Institute offers a radically interdisciplinary doctoral program in Creative Technology & Design.

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General Information

Refer to University of Colorado Boulder graduate admissions page for university-wide program info, news, events and deadlines. 

ATLAS PhD Application Support

ATLAS offers student-led feedback on your PhD program application before you submit it. Check out this PhD application support page for complete details. 


Application Deadline: December 1

Fee waiver: The application fee will be waived for the first 50 applicants.

No code is required; the fee will automatically be waived when the application is submitted.


The ATLAS Institute encourages applications from students who will broaden the diversity of our graduate community. Diversity is essential to academic and workplace success, and we are committed to creating an inclusive and collaborative community. Learn more about how the ATLAS Institute pursues diversity

    Application Instructions

    After reviewing the information below and gathering your materials, please complete the Official University of Colorado Boulder Graduate School application.

    To support your application, please also submit:

    1. Résumé or curriculum vitae.

    2. 3-5 page statement of purpose.

    Students accepted to the program will be mature, self-directed, highly motivated and have demonstrated outstanding achievement. A statement of purpose for this program should include:

    • How does your background prepare you to study your proposed research topic in a technology-rich, interdisciplinary PhD program?
    • A statement of longer-term goals: How would an ATLAS PhD support your career plans?
    • A tentative program of study including specific faculty members with whom you want to work. (We may ask these faculty members to review your application.)
    • A statement specifically describing research interests. What would you study and why does it demand interdisciplinary work?

    3. Personal website or online portfolio of your work.

    • This might comprise software, hardware, design or multimedia production or performance, or research papers.
    • Clearly credit all authors and collaborators on each work. Include a URL on your résumé and/or in your statement of purpose (add password information if your site is restricted).

    4. Three letters of recommendation from individuals qualified to judge your potential for success in graduate school.

    • Recommenders will submit letters directly online.

    5. Unofficial transcripts from each institution of higher learning that you have attended.

    6. Test Scores:

    • ATLAS accepts but does not require the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

    International Students

    For complete requirements and application needs, please review the CU Boulder's official international graduate admissions page.

    STEM-OPT: All ATLAS degree programs have been assigned the US State Department's CIP code 15.0000 [Engineering Technology, General]. The ATLAS PhD program is classified as a STEM-OPT eligible degree. 

    English Proficiency: If your native language is not English, you must submit a documented TOEFL iBT score, Duolingo proficiency test score or IELTS score.

    • TOEFL:
      • Minimum iBT score: 100
      • The CU Boulder TOEFL institution code is 4841. (CU Boulder Admissions does not use department codes.) 
    • Duolingo:
      • Proficiency test scores of 125 or higher
    • IELTS:
      • Minimum score: 7.0
      • Please request your IELTS test center report your score to our school using the following information:

    University of Colorado Boulder - Masters & PhD
    3100 Marine Street
    Suite A122, UCB 65
    Boulder, CO 80303