College of Arts & Sciences students wishing to take more than 21 credit hours during a fall or spring semester, or more than 16 credit hours during the summer semester may submit a credit overload petition. Petitions should only be submitted when you are fully enrolled (not waitlisted) in the maximum number of credit hours permitted during open enrollment for the semester.

Credit overload petitions will be reviewed during open enrollment for the term for which you are applying. You will be notified regarding the decision via email and if approved, you will be enrolled in the class. 

Students are not permitted to take more than one class during Maymester, Augmester or Winter Session. Credit overload petitions requesting more than one class during any of these sessions will be denied.

What is your primary major? You only need to list one.
Examples: Fall 2018; Summer 2020, session A
Example: MATH 1011
Example: MATH 1011-001