ANTH 4470 Collections Research Slide featuring students working at a table

ANTH 4470 / 5470 Practicum: Collections Research in Cultural Anthropology

Designed as a practicum, this course will introduce students to research and practice in museum anthropology, utilizing our extensive anthropology collections in the CU Museum of Natural History. Students will conduct subject matter and collections research, engage in collaborative methods, and produce narrative stories for exhibit content development. Class time...

ANTH 4525

ANTH 4525 Global Islams

Feb. 26, 2018

Current popular, official and academic representations of Islam in the US frequently circulate two fundamentally opposite attributes of the religion and its associated culture: either Islam is provincial and hyper-traditional, or it is threateningly global and transnational. Both perceptions rest on the notion of Islam as singular, and as originating...


ANTH 4610 / 5610 Science, Medicine, Populations

Feb. 26, 2018

This is a demanding upper-level cultural (and medical) anthropology course designed for advanced undergraduate and early graduate students interested in the intersections of science and the production of knowledge, the practice of medicine, and the effects on the health of diverse populations. The course uses a case study approach and...

Anth 4700 / 5700 Practicing Anthropology Promo Slide

ANTH 4700 / 5700 Practicing Anthropology: Applying Ethnographic Theory and Methods

In this hands-on ethnographic research course, advanced anthropology students will learn how to use anthropological methodologies to collaboratively investigate social problems and positively impact society. We will develop a model of ethnographic research oriented toward facilitating dialogue between student ethnographers and research interlocutors (community members, policy makers, elected representatives, scientists)...

ANTH 4755 / 5755

ANTH 4755 / 5755 Cultures of Expertise: Science, Power, and Knowledge

Feb. 26, 2018

Who counts as an expert? This course will examine expertise as a cultural category through an exploration of the processes by which certain individuals and groups are accorded intellectual authority, while the knowledge claims of others are simultaneously delegitimized. What forms of training and socialization make it possible for a...

Cuban Culture

ANTH 4735 / 5735 Cuban Culture: Race, Gender, and Power

Feb. 26, 2018

This course seeks to ground students’ understanding of contemporary Cuba within the global context. How do those outside the island imagine Cuba and why? What are the realities? In a world of U.S. dominated globalization, we have only recently begun to relax a forceful economic blockade on the island: What...

ANTH 4020 Archaeozoology Promo Slide

ANTH 4020/5020 Explorations in Anthropology (cross-listed as MUSM 6110, Advanced Seminar in Museum Issues): Archaeozoology

Archaeozoology will give students practical and analytical skills in the identification and analysis of animal bones from archaeological sites. Students in the course will engage with current methodological and theoretical issues in the discipline, and develop a basic familiarity with the vertebrate skeleton using museum specimens, reference collections, and archaeological...

ANTH 4020-581 Brown Studies Promo Slide

ANTH 4020-581 Brown Studies: The Anthropology of Race and the Mixed-Race Experience

Instructor: Bailey Duhé Who invented race? Do police really target communities of color? Are race and ethnicity the same thing? Is white privilege bad? If you’ve asked any of these questions and want a space to work through the answers, ANTH 4020: Brown Studies is for you. This is an...

Students Meeting with Locals in Tanzania

ANTH 4180 Conservation & Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania Global Seminar (Virtual)

Maymester 2021 Professor Laura DeLuca ADVENTURING AS AN ARMCHAIR ANTHROPOLOGIST Education Abroad’s Conservation & Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania Global Seminar is going virtual this summer! Students on this virtual program will the opportunity to learn about East African cultures, immerse themselves in the Swahili language, and connect with amazing people...

Image collage of Southeast Asia

ANTH 4760 - Ethnography of Southeast Asia

ANTH 4760 Ethnography of Southeast Asia Professor Carla Jones Join us as we discover the anthropological scholarship on Southeast Asia, a region with some of the highest ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity in the world. From the Buddhist cosmological origins of modern Thailand to the gendered dynamics of market trade...