Every class at CU Boulder is taught using one or more of the following instruction modes:

  • In Person: The class meets in person, typically on campus, on scheduled days and times (synchronously).

  • Online: The class is taught online with no scheduled class meetings. Students can complete the coursework throughout the week when it's convenient for them (asynchronously).

  • Remote: The class meets over Zoom, lecture capture or Canvas on scheduled days and times (synchronously).

  • Independent Study: A course in which a student is formally enrolled during a period of research or independent study instruction and wherein a faculty member interacts with and directs student projects or other required activities with minimal associated direction. May be delivered in person, online, remote or using a combination of instruction modes.

If a class uses a combination of instruction modes, then it's a hybrid class:

  • Hybrid In Person/Online and/or In Person/Remote: A combination of in-person and online and/or remote instruction.

  • Hybrid Remote/Online: A combination of online and remote instruction.