ANTH 1180 promo slide featuring a seascape background

ANTH 1180 Maritime People: Fishers and Seafarers

Explore 10,000 years of Maritime peoples, histories, and cultures! • Key Themes: migration; human- nature relationships; development; resistance; sailing; knowledges; climate change Maymester: May 10-27, 2021 • Monday through Friday, 12:30-3:30 • Hybrid remote/online

ANTH 4020-581 Brown Studies Promo Slide

ANTH 4020-581 Brown Studies: The Anthropology of Race and the Mixed-Race Experience

Instructor: Bailey Duhé Who invented race? Do police really target communities of color? Are race and ethnicity the same thing? Is white privilege bad? If you’ve asked any of these questions and want a space to work through the answers, ANTH 4020: Brown Studies is for you. This is an...