A multistory pueblo

ANTH 1120 Pueblo Indians of the US Southwest

Feb. 26, 2018

Pueblo Indian communities are some of the most vibrant and distinctive native societies in the US today. In this course we will examine the archaeology, history, geography, social institutions and religious values of Pueblo Indian peoples. In the process, we will see how Pueblo cultures illustrate important ideas and debates...

Cultures photo

ANTH 1155 Culture and Environment

Feb. 26, 2018

Many researchers in the environmental sciences argue that human activities on the planet have created a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene. Arguments abound about what date should demarcate the onset of the Anthropocene – the rise in global consumption of goods and resources since the 1950s, the Industrial Revolution in...

ANTH 3000 promo slide featuring primates in a tree

ANTH 3000 Primate Behavior

While we humans tend to focus on ourselves, the goal of this course is to examine the natural history and behavior of your closest relatives, the nonhuman primates. Through lectures, streaming videos and web based materials, you will explore the diversity of primates from an evolutionary, biological and ecological perspective...

ANTH 4020/5020 Landscape Archaeology

ANTH 4020 / 5020 Explorations in Anthropology: Landscape Archaeology

Feb. 26, 2018

Throughout history, landscapes have affected human actions, and human actions have affected landscapes. The complex interactions between humans and the environment help shape who we are, where and how we live, and what we do. In this course, we will consider what landscapes are, how archaeologists study them, and why...

ANTH 4500 / 5500 - Cross-Cultural

ANTH 4020 / 5020 Explorations in Anthropology: The Anthropology of Mining

Feb. 26, 2018

This course examines contemporary issues in the anthropology of mining. We begin with a historical approach, looking at the antiquity of mineral extraction around the world, plus the effects of pre-20th century gold rushes - especially in the US - and how these have shaped the relationships between indigenous peoples...

Kinship pic 2

ANTH 4020 / 5020 Explorations in Anthropology Kinship: Being and Belonging

Feb. 26, 2018

What does it mean to describe a friend as “like family”? When is “family” actually about disconnection rather than connection? In what ways do people “choose” their own family members? Are members of a nation part of a “national family”? How do processes like international adoption shape understandings of race...

Anth 4700 / 5700 Practicing Anthropology Promo Slide

ANTH 4700 / 5700 Practicing Anthropology: Applying Ethnographic Theory and Methods

In this hands-on ethnographic research course, advanced anthropology students will learn how to use anthropological methodologies to collaboratively investigate social problems and positively impact society. We will develop a model of ethnographic research oriented toward facilitating dialogue between student ethnographers and research interlocutors (community members, policy makers, elected representatives, scientists)...

ANTH 4755 / 5755

ANTH 4755 / 5755 Cultures of Expertise: Science, Power, and Knowledge

Feb. 26, 2018

Who counts as an expert? This course will examine expertise as a cultural category through an exploration of the processes by which certain individuals and groups are accorded intellectual authority, while the knowledge claims of others are simultaneously delegitimized. What forms of training and socialization make it possible for a...