Payson Sheets
(Ph.D. • University of Pennsylvania • 1974)


by appointment

My research focuses on the ancient societies of Mesoamerica and lower Central America.  I am particularly interested in how societies, from egalitarian to complex, react to the sudden massive stresses of explosive volcanic eruptions. And I am exploring commoner agency, as Maya at Ceren led their rich lives largely beyond elite control. And the Arenal area residents, members of egalitarian societies, inadvertently entrenched the paths that connected villages with cemeteries, which became a valued cultural standard. As both Ceren in El Salvador and Arenal in Costa Rica are deeply buried by volcanic ash layers, we have been developing remote sensing techniques from aircraft and satellites, and geophysical techniques for exploring many meters below the present ground surface. Recently we have discovered that the Maya were cultivating a root crop, manioc, which outproduces maize by about 15 times, in carbohydrates per unit area.

May 2018 article from BBC Mundo, Joya de Cerén, el extraordinario sitio precolombino en el El Salvador que fue cubierto por la erupción de un volcán hace 1.400 años y sigue intacto

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