Seamus Klingsporn Awarded an UROP Grant

April 15, 2024

Seamus Klingsporn (BA Anthropology in Progress) was selected for an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program grant to support his research for his honors anthropology seniorthesis, "Weightlifting and Masculinities: An Ethnographic Study of Weightlifting among Young Men in Boulder." His UROP and honors advisor is Alison Cool.

Anna in front of a pond

Anna Wynfield Awarded Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA) Summer Fellowship

April 15, 2024

Anna Wynfield (Cultural Anthropology, PhD Candidate) awarded Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA) Summer Fellowship. The fellowship will provide funding for Anna to continue her dissertation research this summer. Her research explores the role of evidence-based data in experiences of pregnancy in the US.

Sarah and Rachel in front of their posters

Sarah Coronna & Rachel Coppock Receive 2024 Jacob Van Ek Awards

April 11, 2024

Sarah Coronna and Rachel Coppock (BA Anthropology in Progress) receive the 2024 Jacob Van Ek Award. The award recognizes exceptional undergraduates who excel in their academics and meaningfully contribute to the University of Colorado Boulder and the community.

Adi in front of a pond

Adi Prakash Presents His Research at the 2024 AES/APLA Conference

April 11, 2024

Adi Prakash (PhD Cultural Anthropology in Progress) was invited by AES (American Ethnological Society) to present his pre-dissertation research at the 2024 AES/APLA spring conference. His presentation, "Crossroads: A Multimodal Ethnography of Reciprocity in the Eastern Himalaya,” was part of the Flash Ethnography Panel : AES Small Grant Award recipients...

Sasha Selfie

Sasha Buckser Successfully Defends Her Research Prospectus

April 9, 2024

Sasha Buckser (Archaeology, PhD Candidate) successfully defended her research prospectus entitled, “Liminal Elements: Exploring Converse Human-Coyote Perceptions Among Pre-columbian Indigenous North American Western Peoples and Colonial American Peoples Through Zooarchaeological Analysis of Human-Coyote Interactions.” Her committee members were, Professors Will Taylor, Sarah Kurnick, Doug Bamforth, Fernando Villanea, and Emily Jones...

Nicholas in front of a pond

Nicholas Puente Awarded an Exploration Fund Grant & A Ralph Stone Graduate Fellowship

April 9, 2024

Nicholas Puente (Archaeology, PhD Candidate) awarded an Exploration Fund Grant & A Ralph Stone Graduate Fellowship. Exploration Fund Grant by the Explorers Club. The grant will support the investigation of ancient cave use by Maya peoples at the archaeological site of Punta Laguna, Yucatan, Mexico. Ralph Stone Graduate Fellowship from...

Olumide in front of a pond

Olumide Ojediran receives a CAAAS Graduate Student Summer Fellowship

April 9, 2024

Olumide Ojediran (PhD Archaeology in Progress) receives The Center for African & African American Studies Graduate Student Summer Fellowship (CAAAS). This fellowship is for graduate students conducting research and creative work in African studies, African American studies, and African diaspora studies.

Clara in front of a pond

Clara Lee Receives 2024 Summer Graduate School Fellowship

April 8, 2024

Clara Lee (Cultural Anthropology, PhD Candidate) receives 2024 Summer Graduate School Fellowship. The fellowship will allow Clara to focus on her dissertation, ""Refusing Empire through Care: Anti-base Dissent in Soseong-ri, South Korea." this summer.

anna wynfield headshot

Anna Wynfield Receives Futures Family Fellowship

April 8, 2024

Anna Wynfield (Cultural Anthropology, PhD Candidate) receives Futures Family Fellowship. The fellowhsip recognizes the unique challenges faced by student parents and seeks to support their educational pursuits while balancing the responsibilities of parenting.

Picture of different colored people being shredded

Fernando Villanea's Research Featured in Science Insider & on ¿Quién Are We? Podcast

April 1, 2024

Professor Fernando Villanea's scholarship and advocacy around racism and misuse of scientific data featured in Science Insider. Anthropologists take up arms against ‘race science’ At their annual meeting, biological anthropologists began to build a playbook to thwart racist misuse of research. Calling someone a Neanderthal was once an insult, meaning...