Jessica in front of a pond

Jessica Misiorek Awarded a General Vassar Fellowship

May 14, 2024

Jessica Misiorek (Cultural Anthropology, PhD in Progress) awarded a general unrestricted Vassar Fellowship. Vassar Fellowships are for one year of support and may not be deferred. Seniors and Vassar graduates may apply. The fellowship funds have been established by friends of the college to encourage Vassar graduates to continue their...

Georgia in front of a government building

Ph.D. Student Georgia Burcher Successfully Defends Her Dissertation

May 14, 2024

Congratulations to Dr. Georgia Butcher who successfully defended her cultural anthropology dissertation “In the Eye of the Reaper: Drone Pilots, Remote War, and Resistance in the United States.” She had the unanimous support of her committee – advisor Alison Cool, and committee members Lorraine Bayard de Volo, Donna Goldstein, Carla...

Lucas in front of a poster

Lucas Rozell Receives A&S Amazing Graduate Award

May 14, 2024

Lucas Rozell (Cultural Anthropology, MA 2024) receives the A&S amazing graduate award. Lucas' advice to other students: "My best piece of advice for other students is to really get to know your professors, TAs, advisors and the staff in your department! College can absolutely be tricky to navigate at both...

Chu in front of a colorful tapestry

Chu Paing Receives A&S Amazing Graduate Award

May 14, 2024

Chu Paing (Cultural Anthropology, PhD 2024) was selected as one of the College of Arts and Sciences "Amazing Grads 2024." Chu said that graduating "means more than just a degree; it is a constant reminder of many others who made sacrifices and who supported me throughout the process so that...

A thick-tailed greater galago (Otolemur crassicaudatus) spotted at the Lajuma Research Centre. (Credit: Jack Dalton)

Michelle Sauther's Primate Research Featured in CU Boulder Today

May 9, 2024

In the “sky islands” of the Soutpansberg Mountains of South Africa, two closely related species of primate jostle for space. One is the thick-tailed greater galago ( Otolemur crassicaudatus ), also known as a bushbaby, which is about the size of a large cat and known for its high-pitched, wailing...

Nicholas in front of a pond

 Nicholas Puente Awarded a Ralph Stone Graduate Fellowship

May 9, 2024

Nicholas Puente (Archaelogy, PhD Candidate) awarded a Ralph Stone Graduate Fellowship from the National Speleological Society. The funds will support a feasability study to test whether speleothems, a term for cave formations, found in Postclassic period Maya architecture can be sourced to their cave of origin using chemical analyses.

Sustainability Journal Logo

Drew Zackary's Co-authored Paper Published in Sustainability Journal

May 7, 2024

Drew Zackary's (Cultural Anthropology, Phd Candidate) co-authored peer reviewed paper, "The Changing Ecology of a High Himalayan Valley: Challenges to the Sustainable Development of the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, Eastern Nepal," published in Sustainability Journal. Abstract The Kanchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA) is a high mountain protected area (MPA) in eastern Nepal...

Protestors in Mauna Kea

Christian Hammons Awarded a Rio Seed Grant

May 7, 2024

Professor Christian Hammons awarded a 2024 Research & Innovation Arts & Humanities Grant from the Research & Innovation Office (RIO). RIO has dedicated approximately $100,000 this round to fund projects bolstering the arts, humanities and humanistic social sciences. Each proposal was reviewed by faculty who spent considerable time reviewing, scoring...

Kate, Connor, Donna and Alison

Conor Lanning Successfully Defends His Masters Thesis

May 3, 2024

Conor Lanning (PhD Cultural Anthropology in Progress) successfully defends his masters thesis titled, "Bodies (and their) Enaction: Bottom Surgery, Semiotic Ideologies, and the Subversion of Medical Authority in the Discourse of the Online Forum." His committee members were Professors Kathryn Goldfarb (advisor), Donna Goldstein and Alison Cool.

Page next to huge rainbow_eucaliptus-_trees

Page McClean Accepts Position at Fort Lewis College

May 3, 2024

Alumna, Page McClean (Anthropology, PhD 2024) has accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. She will join the Sociology and Human Services Department and contribute to their program in Borders and Languages.