Morgan Seamont outdoor_portrait

Assistant Director, Gender and Sexuality Center
N450, Center for Community

(BA Anthropology, 2007 Washington State University-Vancouver; MA Anthropology, 2009 University of Colorado; PhD Anthropology, 2018 University of Colorado). Morgan Seamont compled his dissertation on how transgender men are redefining masculinity, bodies and sexuality.  Rejecting heteronormative and homonormative masculinities trans men are expanding the binary construction of gender by identifying as trans first and man second.  Their refusal to deny their feminine socialization and history, trans men are adopting gender identities apart from the spectrum of identities that exists between men and women.  Honoring and proudly embodying their hybrid bodies, trans men are redefining what a sexed body is, which in turn is creating a different type of sexuality.  The current moment of gender revolution and the transgender tipping point are opening up and deconstructing gender norms in ways that will redefine how we understand the categories of sex, gender and sexuality. His advisor was Kaifa Roland.