Jessica Hegepeth Balkin in the forest

(BA Anthropology & History, 2003 Brandeis University; MA Anthropology, 2009 University of Colorado, PhD Anthropology, 2020 University of Colorado). Jessica Hedgepeth Balkin examined human land use in the Río Verde Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico for her PhD research. She approached her analysis through geospatial techniques (GIS). Hedgepeth Balkin also has research interests in ceramic production using statistical and petrographic analysis. Her advisor was Arthur Joyce.

Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Balkin!

Jessica Balkin completed a successful defense of her doctoral dissertation!  Human-Environment Interactions in the Lower Río Verde Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico: The Impacts of Ecological Change on Settlement Patterning (1800 BCE-CE 1522).  A huge congratulations to Jessica and her advisor Art Joyce.