Advanced Degrees

Andie Ang Hui Fang: Doctor of Philosophy
Dissertation title: Genetic Variability, Diet Metabarcoding, and Conservation of Colobine Primates in Vietnam
Advisor: Bert Covert

Marnie Jane Thomson: Doctor of Philosophy
Dissertation title: Stories of Darkness: Congolese Refugees, Humanitarian Governance, and a Neglected Conflict
Advisor: Carole McGranahan

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Davis: Master of Arts
Thesis title: “The Ambassador's Herb": Tobacco Pipes as Evidence for Plains-Pueblo Interaction, Interethnic Negotiation, and Ceremonial Exchange in the Northern Rio Grande
Advisor:  Catherine Cameron

Jennifer Kathryn Deats: Master of Arts
Thesis title: Style, Identity, and Communities of Practice: An Examination of Middle Missouri Ceramics at Chief Looking's Village and the Heart River Region
Advisor: Douglas Bamforth

Bailey Jude Duhé: Master of Arts
Research focus: Representation of African American History and Culture in Museums
Advisor: Jen Shannon   

Sara Alexandra Zakeri-Fardi: Master of Arts
Thesis title: Neonatal hair cortisol in relation to maternal environment, sociodemographic factors and infant outcomes rural Gambia
Advisor: Robin Bernstein

Margaret Ann Gruca: Master of Arts
Thesis title: Impact of Maternal Physiology and Environment on Breast Milk Macronutrient Content and Infant Growth in Rural West Africa
Advisor: Robin Bernstein

Erin Rita Hughes: Master of Arts
Thesis title: Cutting Corners: The Transition from Corner to Side Notched Points During the Central Plains Tradition
Advisor: Douglas Bamforth

Arielle Janet Milkman: Master of Arts
Research focus: Neoliberalism and the environment in Latin America
Advisor: Donna Goldstein  

Kelly Erin O’Toole: Master of Arts
Advisor: J. Terrence McCabe
Research focus: Conservation, Resilience, and Human Ecology of East African National Parks and Protected Areas
Certificate in Environment, Society, & Policy, Environmental Studies

Sara June Stiehl: Master of Arts
Research focus: Violence in the 'resource frontier' of the Isan Region of Thailand
Advisor: Carla Jones
Elijiah Aaron Michael Townsend: Master of Arts & Master of Business Administration
Research focus:  Resilience and complex adaptive systems in East African agricultural development programs
Certificate in Development Studies, Department of Geography
Advisor: J. Terrence McCabe  

Jennifer Renée Washabaugh: Master of Arts
Thesis title: Milk Hygiene and Consumption Practices in The Gambia
Advisor: Robin Bernstein