Doug Bamforth
(Ph.D. • U. of California • Santa Barbara • 1986)

HALE 176 / 350D

On Sabbatical Fall 2019

I am an archaeologist who works mainly on the Great Plains; I have also worked in the Colorado mountains, coastal California, the California desert, the Great Basin, Germany, and Ireland. I have a major technical interest in the study of how ancient people made and used stone tools. My research has focused on how human use of the Plains landscape responded to long-term environmental change during the Paleoindian period (from roughly 11,000 to 8000 BC); recently, my interests have shifted towards the archaeology of farmers on the central and northern Plains during the last 1000 years. I am currently involved in a long-term field project that examines the archaeology of the Ceramic Period along the Pine Ridge in northwestern Nebraska.

Selected Publications:

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