Andie Ang in the jungle

(BS Life Sciences, 2008 National University of Singapore; MS Biology, 2010 National University of Singapore; Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy, 2017 University of Colorado Boulder). Andie’s research interests are in the social behavior and feeding ecology of Asian colobine primates, in particular, the threatened and untended species. She has worked on the banded leaf monkeys in Singapore and Malaysia, and the white-handed gibbons in Thailand. Through her research, Andie hopes to contribute to a greater understanding of these charismatic primates and help in their conservation. Some of her work can be found here: Her advisor was Bert Covert.

Summer 2017 News
She is currently the chairperson of the Raffles' Banded Langur Working Group ( for the conservation of the critically endangered species in Singapore and Malaysia, based on the action plan that she produced in 2016.

Summer 2019 News
Singapore Tatler Article on Andie's work. How It Is All Monkey Business For Primatologist and 2018 Generation T Honouree Andie Ang