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(BA Anthropology & History, 2009 University of Nebraska; MA Anthropology, 2011 University of Colorado; PhD Anthropology, 2018 University of Colorado). Allison’s research considered the extent to which sociocultural ideas about risk, trash, and pollution contribute to material dispossession and stigmatization of vulnerable populations. Specifically, she is interested in how mobile home residents in Lincoln, Nebraska are prefigured by community leaders, political figures, and financiers as "risky" populations subject to removal via mobile home park closures. Her advisor was Carla Jones.

2019 Spring News
I will be leaving the University of Colorado this summer to begin new positions. In Fall 2019, I will be begin a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Humanistic Inquiry (CHI) and as a Visiting Lecturer position with the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at Amherst College. In Fall 2020 I will join the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Southern Mississippi as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Both of these positions emphasize public scholarship and engagement, and I am beyond excited for this next stage in my career. I am enormously grateful to Carla Jones, my advisor, and my committee including Donna Goldstein, Terry McCabe, Kaifa Roland, and Jeff Maskovsky (CUNY). I am also thankful to the faculty, staff, and all my friends and colleagues in the CU Department of Anthropology for their enthusiastic support all these years.

2017 Summer News
Allison has been selected by the CU Graduate School for a 2016-2017 Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award. The honor includes an award of $600.  She has also been selected to receive a 2017-2018 Graduate School Dissertation Completion Fellowship. This fellowship will be for one semester of full support during the 17/18 academic year. Support will consist of a stipend equal to a 50% GPTI appointment. Congratulations, Allison.

Allison and Richard Bender (MA ’09) both PhD candidates, presented a poster titled "Examining Mobile-Homeownership in Urban Land-Lease Mobile Home Communities: an Anthropological Perspective" based on their collaborative research that outlines three scenarios for mobile home purchases despite numerous financial risks associated with these housing units. The Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making features research from an interdisciplinary field of social sciences in addition to private and public/government agencies on matters related to consumer financial decision making. This annual conference is co-sponsored by the CU Center for Research on Consumer Financial Decision Making and the Leeds School of Business.
You can view their poster via ResearchGate here