Published: March 28, 2024
Dr. Hosek during the excavation and relocation of the Loretto Heights Cemetery in Denver (June 2022). She is holding one of the crosses affixed to the original coffins.

Lauren Hosek (Biological Anthropolgy, Professor)

Dr. Lauren Hosoek is a historical bioarchaeologist and her research integrates osteological data from human skeletal remains with archaeological and historical evidence.  She utilizes these intersecting sources to examine how large-scale social phenomena such as religious ideology and institutional practices become embodied through ritual and activity across the life course. Her research projects span from early medieval Central Europe to the 19th-century American West. Most recently, She has been working on a community-based project in the Denver area exploring the health and ritual practice of the 19th-century Catholic Sisters of Loretto in collaboration with the living Loretto Community.