Published: Jan. 9, 2024

Paige Edmiston (Cultural Anthropology, PhD Candidate) receives the Carol B. Lynch Memorial Fellowship for fall 2025. The Carol B. Lynch Memorial Fellowship Fund was established to honor Dr. Lynch for her tireless dedication to graduate education and research at the national level and at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The award is made each year to a student in the sciences whose research interests are interdisciplinary.

Paige Edmiston co-authored article, "The Role of a “Technology Navigator” in an Academic Diabetes Clinic: A Feasibility Evaluation," published in Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics.  The report is the results of a quality improvement project Paige  helped out with during her fieldwork. "It's very different from anthropological research, but I enjoyed collaborating across disciplines with very different ways of knowing and learned a lot in the process," says Paige.


Patient-generated device data play an important role in diabetes management. However, acquiring these data remains a challenge. This project aimed to understand whether implementing dedicated “Technology Navigator” (TN) personnel at a large academic diabetes clinic could facilitate access to device data without increasing work for clinic staff. A sample of visits pre- and post-TN implementation (n = 173) showed a 22% (41% vs. 19%) increase in patients who successfully shared their data from home before their visit and a 52% (67% vs. 15%) increase in visits where data were available to the provider for review before the appointment, whereas billing claims for continuous glucose monitor interpretation increased by 86% during the same period. Time analysis suggests that home uploads could save up to 747 h in medical assistant labor annually. Incorporating a TN may improve data availability, decrease time spent on nonbillable activities, and support data interpretation and billing.

Read the article in Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics