Carla Jones (Cultural Anthropolgy, Professor)

Professor Carla Jones' research studies class, gender, and consumption in urban Indonesia, the world’s largest majority-Muslim country. She has written extensively on the new middle classes and the rise of religious lifestyles in two cities: Jakarta and Yogyakarta. As a leading scholar of modest fashion, she was a member of the curatorial team for the Contemporary Muslim Fashions exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts, 2018-21. She appreciates how her friends in Indonesia think about taste and loves analyzing how and why style matters.

Reunion of modest fashion designers

Reunion of modest fashion designers featured in the Contemporary Muslim Fashions exhibition, with delicious durian, at the boutique of Dian Pelangi, Jakarta, Indonesia, August 2, 2023. Front row, left to right: Okky Asokawati, Yeni Yunasz, Itang Yunasz, Jetti Hadi, Carla Jones Back row: left to right: Irin Istafiana Candarini, Afina Candarini, Amy Wirabudi, Dian Pelangi, Khanaan Shamlan, Jenihara Nasution, Anandia Putri, Hernani Djamaloedin