Global Seminar Mexico 2023


  • Visit archaeological sites including the ancient mountaintop city of Monte Albán, the tombs of Mitla, the hilltop fortress at Yagul, and the Queen’s palace of Teposcolula.
  • Experience an ongoing archaeological field project and get to see the excavations of a 1200-year old city and hear about the research from the archaeological team.
  • Learn about the pre-Columbian history of Mexico including the origins of agriculture, early village life, hieroglyphic writing and sacred history, the rise and fall of cities, and Lord 8 Deer, Jaguar Claw.
  • Travel throughout the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca from highland valleys to the tropical Pacific coast and experience the languages, cuisine, art, and culture of Oaxaca’s indigenous peoples.   
  • The Rio Verde Project directed by Professor Joyce:

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