ANTH 1155 Global Cultural Diversity Promo Slide

What is the apocalypse? How is it imagined and lived by people from different cultures around the world? We will explore the multiple utopic and dystopic potential future realities that the apocalypse may lead to through an anthropological lens. We consider the role of cultures, knowledges, epistemologies, and social- environmental relations as they inform pathways to the future.

The Anthropology of the Apocalypse will be action-packed with anthropological theory, an adventure in climate fiction (cli-fi) literature and film, and informed with the latest research in climate science. Together we learn from diverse perspectives and cultures in a quest to understand our future in a world of climate change. How we as humans envision the world, our place in it, and what we desire for our futures are key components of how we understand and treat the world now, as well as how we react to various possible social and environmental transformations. Diverse ways of imagining the future are essential for developing programs and policies that ensure equity, justice, and sustainable utopic future realities.

Fulfills requirements for Arts & Sciences General Education: Diversity-Global Perspective and Distribution-Social Sciences