Published: Feb. 26, 2018

Anth 4700 / 5700 Practicing Anthropology

This course, for fourth-year Anthropology majors, Anthropology Master’s students, and graduate students receiving the Ethnography Certificate, will teach you applied ethnographic methods and theory in the classroom as you implement these skills in placements with community organizations. You will learn how to use anthropological methodologies to investigate social problems, and to consider how anthropological theories and methods can be applied to positively impact society. You will be placed with local community partners who have identified a discrete problem they would like assistance researching. In consultation with your community supervisor, placement group, instructor and classmates, your project for this semester is to develop an applied research project that yields concrete and implementable suggestions for your community partner’s organization. While exploring a research project guided by the partner organization, you are also asked to consider a specific topic of your own individual interest, which may relate to (among other possibilities) aging, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, mental health, family and community networks and volunteer organizations, and legal and policy frameworks that shape health and well-being.


Professor Kathryn Goldfarb

See the University Catalog for specifics, recommendations, and prerequisites.