Published: Feb. 26, 2018

ANTH 4070 / 5070 Methods in Biological Anthropology: Primatology

The courses you have taken in biological anthropology at CU have been developed to give you an understanding of the current state of knowledge in the discipline as well as a sufficient understanding of the terms and methodology to allow you to acquire and critically evaluate relevant new information.  This course follows this philosophy but will also provide you with hands-on experience in doing science, and, particularly for this class, primatology.  This course will be held in my primate biology lab and focuses on the research skills and background needed to understand primatology: the scientific study of non-human primate biology, ecology evolution and behavior. These skills include the practical use of measurement techniques, development of research design and understanding the major areas of primatology research. The goals for the course include 1) applied experience in scientific observation, measurement, organization and interpretation of data, 2) the formulation of research questions and grant writing 3) a better understanding of current primatological method and theory and 4) learning how to critically evaluate modern primate literature.


Professor Michelle Sauther

See the University Catalog for specifics, recommendations, and prerequisites.