Published: Feb. 26, 2018

ANTH 4020

This course examines contemporary issues in the anthropology of mining. We begin with a historical approach, looking at the antiquity of mineral extraction around the world, plus the effects of pre-20th century gold rushes - especially in the US - and how these have shaped the relationships between indigenous peoples and colonial settler societies. We will also explore contemporary gold rushes in Latin America and SE Asia to understand how these have impacted society and environment. Other topics will include: the quest for digital minerals and rare earth minerals in Africa and China; gender issues in mining; policy issues around mining and mining cleanup; sustainability in post-mining landscapes; and other topics. Grades will be based on writing reaction papers, conducting and writing a social impact analysis for a potential mine in a country of your choosing, and a final where students will do a poster presentation session of their social impact assessment.


Professor Jerry Jacka

See the University Catalog or specifics, recommendations, and prerequisites.