ANTH 4020 Archaeozoology Promo Slide

Archaeozoology will give students practical and analytical skills in the identification and analysis of animal bones from archaeological sites. Students in the course will engage with current methodological and theoretical issues in the discipline, and develop a basic familiarity with the vertebrate skeleton using museum specimens, reference collections, and archaeological material. Participants will cultivate the ability to understand human behavior and human-environmental relationships through skeletal remains of ancient animals – including basic taphonomy, quantitative analysis/data visualization, and animal paleopathology. Students will also learn best practices for the curation of faunal remains, and engage with new research direction and trends in archaeozoology, including 3D scanning and biomolecular techniques (isotopes, ancient DNA, and Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry). Each student will develop an original research project that complements their existing academic goals. Those interested in the course can email for more information. Space is limited. Museum & Field Studies (MFS) students should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Janet Bensko, at to enroll.