ANTH 4120 Promo Square

Course for Spring 2024 Offered by Dr. DeWitte

Did you know that your daily experiences, identity, and health can leave traces in your skeleton?

Bioarchaeologistsusethisinformationtolearn about life in past human societies. To explore these topics, take Social Bioarchaeology!  This course will include hands-on activities that teach you how bioarchaeologists build profiles of individuals from their skeletons and how we analyze data. We will read original research about reconstructions of past lives and how health and well-being were affected by things like gender, social age, migrant status, and social status across different time periods and in different cultures. We will also explore the ethical issues associated with studying human remains.

When: Spring 2024
Where: Hale 260
Time: T/TH 3:30-4:45 pm

Other: To learn more, contact Dr. DeWitte via email at or stop by her office, Hale 135