Tutor Name Tutor Email Tutor Phone Subjects Tutored Cost
Lewis Baker Lewis.R.Baker@Colorado.EDU 952-484-1688 Calculus 1-2, Differential Equations Negotiable
Amy Chen Amy.Chen-1@Colorado.EDU 720-663-9104 Pre-Calc, Calc 1-3, Diff. Eq., Matrix Methods, Probability, Math Stats $25/hr, Negotiable
Greg Benton Gregory.Benton@Colorado.EDU 973-214-7297 Calc 1-3, Diff. Eq., Matrix Methods, Probability $15/hr, Negotiable, Group Tutoring
Flora Zhang wezh4530@colorado.edu 970-862-9440 Calculus 1-2, Stats, Probability $30/hr, group rates negotiable
Allison Betley allison.betley@colorado.edu 636-248-0018 Calc 1-3, Diff. Eq. Negotiable, group rates available
Pat Sprenger Patrick.Sprenger@Colorado.EDU 208-841-8824 Pre-Calc, Calc 1-3, Diff. Eq., Matrix Methods, Fourier series/Boundary value $40/hr, Negotiable
Leo Huang zhishen.huang@colorado.edu - Any undergrad APPM courses $40/hr, Negotiable
Jon Lavington jola2372@colorado.edu 303-506-2087 (text only) Calc 1-2, Diff. Eq., Discrete Math, Matrix Methods, Markov Chains and Monte Carlo Sim., Complex Analysis $15/hr - lower div., $20/hr - upper div.
Yasser Albarakat yaal2031@colorado.edu - Pre-Calc, Calc 1-3, Diff. Eq. $20/hr
Minah Yang Lucia.Yang@Colorado.EDU 301-310-4607 Pre-Calc, Calc 1-3, Diff. Eq., Matrix Methods Negotiable
Kylee Budai Kylee.Budai@colorado.edu - Calc 1-3, Probability, Math Stats $30/hr - lower div., $40/hr - upper, Negotiable


HELPFUL HINTS: When hiring a private tutor, check the individual's credentials. Questions that should be asked include: 1) What are your credentials? 2) Where are you currently enrolled or teaching? 3) What do you charge? Be sure to verify the individual's enrollment or employment through a phone call. Please be cautious. Do not schedule tutoring sessions at your residence. (Do not even provide your home address.) Arrange for tutoring sessions to take place where others are present, such as in a library or some other well-lighted and well-populated location. Finally, do not permit someone else to do your academic work for you, as that is a violation of the CU-Boulder Student Honor Code.