Lewis Baker - All Calc., Applied Analysis Negotiable
Amy Chen - All Calc., Diff. Eq., Matrix Methods, Prob/Stats up to and including 4000-level $25/hr
Alec Dunton 424-212-1768 High School Math (including ACT/SAT prep), All APPM courses up to and including the 3000-level $50/hr (discounts for group sessions)
Kathleen Finlinson 435-406-4756   (text only!) Calc 1, Calc 2, Diff Eq. $45/hr
David Gunderman - All undergrad courses except Calculus 3 $35/hr
Leo Huang - All ugrad Math and Physics $40/hr
Ann Casey Hughes - Pre-Calculus $30/hr
Erik Johnson 801-673-9398 Pre-Calc, All Calc., Discrete Math Negotiable
Ryan Jones 916-474-9346 Pre-Calc, Calc 1, Calc 3, Diff. Eq. $40/hr (negotiable, group discounts available)
Ksenia Lepikhina - Pre-Calc, Calc 1, Diff. Eq., Matrix Methods Negotiable
Kelsey McKenna - All Calculus Negotiable
Caleb Miller - Calculus 1 $35/hr
Michael Ramsey - Calc 1 and Calc 2 $40/hr
Julia Ratcliff - All HS Content, Pre-Calc., Calc 1&2 $30/hr
Ansel Rothstein-Dowden 774-392-4555 All Calc., Diff. Eq., Matrix Methods, Fourier Series, Discrete Math Negotiable
Royce Schultz - All Calc and Diff. Eq. $20/hr (negotiable)
Zofia Stanley - K-12 Math, Pre-Calc., Calc 2 & 3 $60/hr
Ruyu Tan - Pre-Calc., Calc 1, Calc 2 $30/hr
Jeremy Thompson 719-502-9895 (text only) any APPM undergrad course $40/hr, negotiable, group rates available
Ashton Wiens 316-680-4673 Statistics, and R software Negotiable
Minah Yang - Calculus 2 & 3, Diff. Eq., Matrix Methods Negotiable
Flora Zhang 970-682-9440 Calculus 1 & 2; Prob/Stats $30/hr; group rates negotiable

HELPFUL HINTS: When hiring a private tutor, check the individual's credentials. Questions that should be asked include: 1) What are your credentials? 2) Where are you currently enrolled or teaching? 3) What do you charge? Be sure to verify the individual's enrollment or employment through a phone call. Please be cautious. Do not schedule tutoring sessions at your residence. (Do not even provide your home address.) Arrange for tutoring sessions to take place where others are present, such as in a library or some other well-lighted and well-populated location. Finally, do not permit someone else to do your academic work for you, as that is a violation of the CU-Boulder Student Honor Code.