March 2, 2013


The SIAM student chapters of Colorado are hosting their ninth annual regional student conference on applied mathematics for all schools along the Front Range. This event will allow students from different universities in the area to see what is being done in this field and promote interest in applied mathematics in general. This event is open to both undergraduates and graduate students.


University of Colorado at Denver
Check the here for directions.

Call for Presentations

All students (undergraduate and graduate) are invited to submit abstracts on any research topic in applied mathematics. Please submit your title and abstract as soon as possible, but no later than February 22, 2013. All titles and abstracts should be submitted to See the call for presentations page for more information.

You can view this year's poster. You can also view the program of presentations.


2013 SIAM Conference Keynote Presentation


Loren Cobb, Department of Mathematics, University of Colorado Denver


Mathematics of Society and its Dysfunctions


Social problems are not the traditional domain of applied mathematics, yet remarkable progress is being made, mostly by physicists. Even most mathematicians are unaware of the impending explosion of new ideas and new mathematics for the social sciences. As recently as 25 years ago this endeavor simply did not exist. Over the past 20 years I have worked as a free-lance applied mathematician with a dozen different countries on their toughest social problems: economic (poverty, underground economies), criminal (drug trafficking, juvenile gangs), political (corruption, ethnic relations, reform of the poice), and demographic (refugees, migration, population growth). In every case there has been wonderful mathematics to be discovered, and nontrivial questions of stability and change to ponder. This is a field in its infancy, where new ideas are welcomed like water for a man dying of thirst.