Mission Statement

The Association for Women in Mathematics Boulder chapter seeks to encourage underrepresented groups with an emphasis on women to be active in the mathematical sciences and to promote a culture that fosters equal treatment of all students and faculty within the Applied Mathematics and Mathematics departments at the University of Colorado Boulder through Advocacy, Mentorship, and Community Engagement.

Spring 2020 Schedule

  • F 1/31 1-2PM Colloquium Lunch (ECCR 257)
  • Su 2/9 4-6PM Study Session (ECCR 211)
  • Th 2/13 12-1PM Lunch with Visitor (ECCR 257)
  • M 2/17 2-3PM Community Lunch (ECCR 257)
  • Th 3/5 5-6:30PM STEMinist Film Showing (ECCR 257)
  • Su 3/8 4-6PM Study Session (ECCR 211)
  • M 3/16 2-3PM Community Lunch - CANCELED due to COVID-19
  • Tu 3/31 2-3PM STEMinist Reading Group (Zoom)
  • Su 4/5 4-6PM Study Session (Zoom)
  • Su 4/12 4-6PM Study Session (Zoom)
  • Su 5/3 TBD Study Session (Zoom)

Fall 2019 Schedule

  • W 9/4 Info Session (ECCR 257)
  • W 9/11 5-6PM STEMinist Reading Group (ECCR 257)
  • W 9/18 1-2PM AWM Lunch (ECCR 257)
  • Su 9/22 4-6PM Study Session (ECCR 211)
  • W 10/2 5-6PM STEMinist Reading Group (ECCR 257)
  • W 10/16 1-2PM AWM Lunch (ECCR 257)
  • Su 10/20 4-6PM Study Session (ECCR 211)
  • W 10/30 5-6PM STEMinist Reading Group (ECCR 257)
  • Su 11/17 4-6PM Study Session (ECCR 211)
  • W 11/20 1-2PM AWM Lunch (ECCR 257)
  • W 12/4 5-6PM STEMinist Reading Group (ECCR 257)
  • Su 12/15 4-6PM Study Session (TBD)

Spring 2019 Schedule

Community Lunch/Coffee

Tuesday, January 22nd 2-3PM in ECOT 226

  • Welcome back coffee hour! Coffee and treats provided.

Monday, February 4th 2-3PM in ECCR 257

  • Join us for an informal discussion on imposter syndrome. Coffee and treats will be provided.

Tuesday, February 28th 12:30-1:30PM in ECCR 257 

  • CANCELLED (may be rescheduled in March)

Monday, April 1st 2:00-3:00PM in ECCR 257 

  • Coffee and treats provided, group discussion topic TBA.

Tuesday, April 23rd 12:30-1:30PM in ECCR 257 

  • Bring your own lunch, play games and get to know your math community!

STEMinist Reading Group (Location: ECCR 257)

Wednesday, January 30th 5PM 

  • Topic: STEM Climate, Guest Speaker: Dr. Lauren Czaplicki from 500 Women Scientists

Wednesday, February 20th 5PM 

  • Topic: Intersectionality: Gender, Race and Science

Wednesday, March 20th 5PM 

  • Topic: STEM Inclusion Policy

Wednesday, April 10th 5PM 

  • Rescheduled!

Wednesday, April 24th 5PM 

  • Topic: Sense of Belonging and Academic Persistence, Guest Speaker: Julie Volckens

Special Events

Lunch with special guest Kristin Lauter: Tuesday, February 12 or Wednesday, February 13 TBA

  • Lunch will be provided as well as a chance to get to know Dr. Lauter! Come hear from the former AWM National President about her work building community among women in math and her path through academia to her current position as the head of the Cryptography Group at Microsoft.

Women's Happy Hour: Friday, April 26th 5-7pm End of Semester Celebration, Location TBA

Fall 2018 Schedule

Community Lunch (Location: ECCR 257)

Friday, October 26th 12-1PM 

  • Dr. Aly Fox (APPM 2017) will share about internship opportunities at LLNL.

Tuesday, November 2nd 1PM 

  • Dr. Shelby Wilson from Moorehouse College will speak about her work wil artificial neural networks as well as her academic career path.

Tuesday, November 27th 12:30-1:30PM in ECCR 257 

  • NIST and NTIA Researchers Margaret Pinson and Chriss Hammerschmidt. Lunch provided!

AWM Office Hours

Every Monday:

  • APPM 1350 Calc 1: 
    • 2-4PM in ECCR 211
  • APPM 1360 Calc 2 & APPM 2350 Calc 3:
    • 3-5PM in ECCR 244 
  • APPM 2360 Differential Equations: 
    • 3-5PM in ECCR 211

STEMinist Reading Group (Location: ECCR 257)

Wednesday, September 12th 5PM 

  • Topic: Untold stories in STEM - Hidden History of Women in Science

Wednesday, October 3rd 5PM 

  • Topic: Stereotype Threat

Wednesday, October 31st 5PM 

  • Rescheduled!

Wednesday, November 14th 5PM 

  • Topic: Stereotype Threat

Wednesday, December 5th 5PM

  • Identity Shapes Perception

Special Events

Women's Happy Hour: Friday, September 21st 5-7PM at Backcountry Pizza

Undergraduate Study Sessions: Sunday Before 2nd Midterm and Final Exam

Women's Happy Hour: Friday, December 7th 5-7PM Location TBA