Published: May 20, 2024 By

Dr. Evan Gorman with Dr. LladserDr. Evan Gorman (pictured on the left with Associate Professor Manuel Lladser), a recent Applied Mathematics Ph.D. graduate, has been awarded a Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Innovation Fellowship in Arlington, VA. The position, which begins in July, is a two-year fellowship that is aimed towards supporting early career scientists. DARPA notes that the Innovation Fellows “develop and manage” high-impact, high-risk portfolios to analyze technologies for the Department of Defense. The purpose of the fellowship is to “search for innovation across a broad range of scientific fields and technologies. Fellows are asked to probe existing paradigms, question technological barriers, and push the state of the art in science and technology.” DARPA-funded research via universities, industry leaders, and nonprofits work closely with the fellows in an effort to evaluate the investability of high-risk, high-reward projects. The Innovation Fellowship webpage from DARPA further discusses the fellowship and recipients.

Applied Mathematics congratulates Dr. Gorman on this exciting, ambitious new chapter after his successful thesis defense in the last year.