Published: Oct. 15, 2021 By

April TranThis last month, the Department of Applied Mathematics announced the recipient of the Rudy Horne Memorial Fellowship: graduate student Chi “April” Tran!

April is a first year student in the Applied Mathematics graduate program who previously graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics along with Computer Science from Augustana College in Illinois. Now joining the Applied Math Department here at CU Boulder, April explained her desire to continue her education and work: “I knew I wanted to get an applied math Ph.D. not too long after I started my undergraduate degree and I was overjoyed to continue my education and become a part of Applied math at CU this fall.”

The Rudy Horne Memorial Fellowship, as stated by the Applied Math Department, was founded with the hope that fellowship recipients “would, through their presence in the department, contribute to the diversity of the department of Applied Mathematics and of the campus, and more generally, of the community of mathematicians.” April commented on the history behind the fellowship: 

“I am very honored to have been awarded the Rudy Horne fellowship ... This fellowship not only motivates me to work harder but also makes me realize how lucky I am to have received everything I have now. With the Rudy Horne fellowship, I wish I could help motivate and inspire other people, just like how my professors and colleagues have motivated and inspired me.“

Now starting a graduate program at a new university with a prestigious fellowship, April has new opportunities in the Department, and has outlined the work she plans to complete with her passion for math and newly awarded fellowship:

“I come to CU Boulder with a wide range of interests ranging from mathematical physics and computational math to analysis … I love every opportunity to learn more and approach problems from different angles. That being said, I'm particularly interested in numerical analysis and recently the theory of machine learning. I believe that becoming an expert in these topics will not only allow me to fulfill my intellectual curiosities but also make me a leader in technological innovation in the coming decades. Ultimately I want my research and contributions to the world to be meaningful and I want to be in a position to give back to all the people who sacrificed for me and inspired me to pursue my dreams.”

The Department congratulates April on being awarded this prestigious and well-deserved fellowship!