Democratic Principles and Social Mobility in a Pluralistic Society

Join us for the Chancellor’s Annual Summit on March 14. In our increasingly divided society, trust in American democracy is eroding at an alarming pace – and confidence in institutions of higher education along with it. CU experts will share how their research and lived experiences inform our understanding of this current moment in American history – and how the diverse communities within our public universities can help to sustain and support a democracy that ensures liberty and justice for all. The event includes presentations from CU experts, along with opportunities for Q&As and networking.

This year’s featured speakers include:

  • Violeta Chapin: Clinical Professor of Law and Co-Director of Clinical Programs

  • Sonia DeLuca Fernández:  Senior Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Taylor Jaworski: Associate Professor of Economic History

  • Reiland Rabaka: Professor of African, African American and Caribbean Studies and Founding Director of the Center for African and African American Studies  

  • John Michael Rivera: Professor of English and Humanities and Former Director of the Program for Writing and Rhetoric