What is the Arts and Sciences Honors Program?

The Arts and Sciences Honors Program is an enrichment program for undergraduate students who would like to add something extra to their experience at CU Boulder.

  • Honors-qualified students are eligible - but not required - to take Honors Program courses. Our courses are limited to 17 students and provide a different kind of learning environment than other classes on campus.
  • Students can also choose to apply to live in the Honors Residential Academic Program.
  • Graduation with honors becomes available later if students choose to write an honors thesis in order to graduate with Latin honors.
  • We also offer a variety of Honors Community events, including movie nights, guest lectures, and workshops.

Everything our program offers is optional, which means that each student can make the Arts and Sciences Honors Program work for their individual needs.

Getting Started

Prospective Students

Students in high school or more than a year away from attending CU Boulder can take part in the Explore CU all-day visit program. The Arts and Sciences Honors Program hosts a session at every Explore CU, and it's a great way to find out more about us. The Honors Residential Academic Program also offers tours during the fall and spring semesters. Contact their office for assistance.

Admitted First-Year Students

There is no application process for our program. The Office of Admissions automatically evaluates and invites qualified first-year fall students who have been admitted into the College of Arts and Sciences. Generally, students in the top 10% of the incoming class receive an invitation. Invitations are issued in a student's printed admission packet (typically mailed 1-2 days after the admission decision is posted). Invitation status is not available online. (Already admitted to CU Boulder? Visit our Admitted Students page!)

Transfer Students

Transfer students are not automatically invited into the Honors Program and we do not conduct personal reviews. If you are a student transferring to CU Boulder with a GPA of 3.3 or higher from your previous college/university, you are qualified to take Honors Program courses during your first semester here. Once you have confirmed your CU Boulder enrollment, contact our office for more information. Transfer students who would like to live in the Honors Residential Academic Program should contact the Honors RAP office for directions on how to apply.

Current Students

If you have been a student at CU Boulder for at least one full semester and have a CU Boulder GPA of 3.3 or higher, you are honors-qualified and can register yourself for Honors Program courses.