Monday Workshops

Monday Workshop Series: College Classroom Teaching Strategies3 leads faces
All workshops count toward GTP certificate requirements.
All graduate students, undergraduate teaching & learning assistants, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff are welcome at GTP events and activities.
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Mondays 2:00-3:00pm, Roser ATLAS 229

College Classroom Teaching Strategies

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January 25

Teaching Portfolio: Creating Your Own Career
Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

Where do you want to go in your academic career? Which academic environment are you best suited for? This workshop uses the teaching portfolio to help you answer these questions for yourself and for the hiring committee.     

February 1

Teach Like You Write: The Lecture as a Good Argument
Melanie Shaffer, GTP Lead, Music

A recent Op-Ed in the New York Times defended the traditional lecture format for humanities classes, saying that a lecture “is not a recitation of facts, but the building of an argument.” This workshop will explore how to use the skills we’ve developed as academic writers to prepare more thoughtfully crafted lectures that guide our students to detect, follow, and critique arguments—a skill we often require of them in their assignments!

February 8

Smartphone Apps for Game-Based Learning in the Classroom
Jessica Appleby, GTP Lead, French

It’s no secret that students love to play games in class. This workshop will explore ways to use students’ phones or tablets for interactive games that encourage engagement with the material. The workshop will include a brief tutorial in two free apps, GooseChase and Kahoot, which can be used for individual or group work. Join us for a discussion to explore and brainstorm ways to incorporate app-based games in your classroom.

February 15

Parenting While in Graduate School: Teaching, Research, and Family
Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave, Lead Coordinator, GTP
Preston Cumming, Lead Coordinator, GTP

Are you a student thinking of starting a family or are you just looking for some advice and perspective on the balancing act of having a family and career? We will talk about the surprises of what it is like having a family as a graduate student, how to prioritize your time with academe and family, and available resources to support you. Having a family during your graduate career is possible!

February 22

Getting to the Why and How
Madalyn (Madie) Kern, GTP Lead, Mechanical Engineering

In this workshop attendees will be guided to construct a five minute lesson for teaching an abstract concept from their discipline by starting with a concrete approach. The goal is to engage learners by igniting their interests through two simple questions: Why does the concept matter? and How does it apply to the real world?

February 29

Teaching on the Other Side of a Script
Eric Homestead, PhD Candidate, Integrative Physiology

This experimental workshop will help to provide a different perspective to teaching and learning. We will explore meaningful moments from your past that make up the tapestry of what teaching is to you. Come with an open mind. Come ready to share. Eric has taught for nine years: from kindergarten and a private school in China to undergraduate labs here at CU.

March 7

Changing the Classroom Culture with Your New Ideas
Trevor Bennett, GTP Lead, Aerospace Engineering

Using new approaches or ideas in the classroom can be difficult, but it can also change the culture. By bridging the gap between humanities, social sciences, and science we can place students at the center of the learning process and allow them to develop essential lifelong learning and critical thinking skills. We will use examples from several disciplines and will work on placing new ideas into a less traditional field.

March 14

Considering Alt-Ac Careers
Alaina Beaver, Universal Design Instructional Consultant, Office of Informational Technology
Alaina Nickerson, Graduate Student Program Manager,Career Services

Be prepared for careers both within and outside the academy by learning what skills you have developed through your graduate career and how these translate to all types of potential jobs. We will include a discussion of Alt-Ac issues, hands-on activities, and plenty of lively discussion.