Monday Workshops

Monday Workshop Series: College Classroom Teaching Strategies3 leads faces
All workshops count toward GTP certificate requirements.
All graduate students, undergraduate teaching & learning assistants, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff are welcome at GTP events and activities.
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Mondays 2:00-3:00pm, Roser ATLAS 200

College Classroom Teaching Strategies

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September 14

Strategies for Helping Students Master Threshold Concepts

Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

Threshold concepts are concepts in your course that are difficult to teach and difficult for students to learn. This workshop addresses four specific strategies: affective, organizational, refutative, and productive—for confronting threshold concepts to aid in student learning.

September 21

Five Minutes to a Better Class

Molly Monroe, PhD Candidate, Spanish & Portuguese

The one-minute response paper is a common technique used in order to provide educators immediate feedback about student learning in a very short period of time. In what other ways might we use this type of exercise, making the most of the first or last few minutes of class? Join in discussing this quick assessment tool and exploring other uses for brief writing exercises in order to change the tenor of your class discussions and depth of student learning.

September 28

Increasing Active Learning in the Undergraduate Classroom

Preston Cumming, Coordinator, Graduate Teacher Program

In this workshop, Dr. Cumming will offer a sound rationale for active learning and practical strategies for getting started. Participants will be introduced to active learning techniques that improve critical thinking and teamwork. They will explore how teamwork can enhance active learning and lead to students uncovering information in class, specifically cooperativelearning and peer instruction. Workshop participants will discuss the challenges associated with this method and explore strategies for addressing them.

October 5

Work-life Balance in Graduate School: Excellent Teaching on a Tight Schedule

Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave, Coordinator, Graduate Teacher Program

In this workshop we will explore ways to increase efficiency in class planning, assignment design and grading, and we will discuss ways in which these tools can translate into other aspects of your life as a graduate student: from finishing your dissertation on time to keeping up your family responsibilities and even your favorite hobbies, there are ways to succeed in all.

October 12

Leveraging the Group in Your Classroom

Catherine Cartwright, Graduate Part-Time Instructor, Art & Art History

This workshop will focus on the critique, the writing workshop, and other forms of peer feedback used as developmental tools for improving student work.

October 19

Teaching Portfolio: Creating Your Own Career

Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

Where do you want to go in your academic career? In which academic environment might you want to find a position? Which environment are you best suited for? This workshop uses the teaching portfolio to help you answer these questions for yourself and for the hiring committee.