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Monday Workshop Series: College Classroom Teaching Strategies3 leads faces
All workshops count toward GTP certificate requirements.
All graduate students, undergraduate teaching & learning assistants, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff are welcome at GTP events and activities.
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Mondays 2:00-3:00pm, Roser ATLAS 200

College Classroom Teaching Strategies

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January 26:

Don’t Wait, Act Now: Implementing Threshold Concepts in Your Classroom

Trevor DiMartino, TIGER Liaison, Graduate Teacher Program

Threshold concepts are troublesome. TA’s can help students learn difficult topics. This workshop provides quick–and–easy techniques to vastly improve student learning in the classroom, during office hours, during recitations, and even as a grader!

February 2:

Broadening Language Arts to Include Language Science

Brian Steele, President, Lingua Galaxiaie

Language may be seen not only as a collection of interacting parts, but as the basis of self-correcting and purposeful human systems. Mr. Steele will discuss an on-line language game approach that broadens language arts to include language science.

February 9:

Establishing Authority in the Classroom

Tamara Milbourn, Lead 2014–15, Education

What does “authority” look like in university classrooms? Where does it come from? Many instructors would like to have efficient and respectful classrooms—classrooms in which ideas are deeply examined, homework gets done (on time), test scores are high, and everyone is cordial to one another. This workshop will discuss issues related to classroom authority—such as trust—and help you reflect on your classroom presence as a TA.

February 16:

Setting Your Goals for MA or PhD Completion

Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

Graduate students may “hit the wall” at some point and consider dropping their graduate programs. This workshop will help you manage conflicting goals at home and work and get back on track. You will use a goal setting tool to reinvigorate your energy and make a plan to finish your work.

February 23:

Writing Your Cover Letter & CV for an Academic Job

Laura L. B. Border, Director and Ciara Glasheen, Lead Graduate Teacher, Graduate Teacher Program

Responding to calls for academic jobs requires attention to detail and content. Bring along a job notice for which you would like to apply, a draft of a letter of application, and a CV. We will discuss how to rewrite and emphasize your experiences and expertise in your application.

March 2:

Race and the College Experience

Melissa Harkavy, Teaching Assistant, Geography

This workshop utilizes the CU Boulder Climate Survey as a case study to facilitate the exploration of race and intersectional identities through a feminist geography lens. We will discuss how to help students express ideas about intersectional identities, especially race, in a scholarly manner, and how to utilize tools from feminist geography and critical race theory to examine race, identity, and lived experiences.

March 9:

Creating Model Content for Student Source Analysis

Avedan Raggio, Instructor, German and Slavic Languages

We will discuss guiding students in creating and using model content for textual or source analysis. For example, in a medieval literature class students collaboratively write an Icelandic-style tale with several versions and then apply the textual/historical analysis skills they have learned in the class to their created content to model what scholars do with genuine manuscripts. The workshop will include discussion on how to guide the students in creating material in non-literature classes for analysis.