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Graduate Teacher Program
Monday Workshop Series
All workshops count toward GTP certificate requirements.
All graduate students, undergraduate teaching & learning assistants, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff are welcome at GTP events and activities.
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Monday Workshop Archives

Fall:  20132012,  2011,  2010

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SPRING 2014 Schedule

Mondays 2:00-3:00pm, ATLAS 200

College Classroom Teaching Strategies

January 27                 Teaching Theatre to Non-majors 

Jessica Brown-Velez, PhD, University of Wisconsin 

Strategies for the Syllabus & the Classroom   Dr. Brown-Velez will discuss strategies to engage and connect with students in other disciplines, using discussion, reading, and movement. 

February 3                 Putting the “LOL” in Classroom Learning

Will Styler, Lead 2013-14, Linguistics 

A little humor goes a long way towards better teaching, better learning, and a more enjoyable classroom environment. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how, when, and why to work humor into your classes, where to draw the lines, and most importantly, how to turn “ridiculous” into “respected” in the eyes of your students.

February 10               When Students Work Harder than You Do: Writing as a Critical Thinking Practice

Julia Willis, Instructor, SASC 

Using interactive exercises and samples of student writing, we will discuss ways to engage students as writers and critical thinkers across the curriculum without the need to spend hours grading papers.

February 17                Dealing with Difficult Students (Men and Women)

Ximena Keogh, Lead 2013-14, Spanish & Portuguese 

Ms Keogh teaches Spanish and uses a interactive form of instruction. She will discuss her techniques for keeping students engaged, handling difficulties that arise, and creating a productive environment for learning.

February 24                Teacher-led and Group Discussions

Susanne Stadlbauer, Lead Coordinator, Graduate Teacher Program 

Most teachers want to use discussion in the classroom, but discussion can be tricky. Dr. Stadlbauer will present different models for discussion, explain the purposes of each, and demonstrate such discussion techniques in the workshop.

March 3                        Teaching Upper Division Courses 

Shaw Ketels, Lead 2012-13, Psychology 

Few graduate students have the opportunity to teach upper division courses. However, when on the academic job market, it is a good idea to know what is involved, have a plan for what kinds of courses you might like to teach, and understand how to organize and teach upper division courses or majors. 

March 10                      How Is My Subject Relevant to Non-Majors? 

Ciara Glasheen, Lead 2013-14, Music 

It is often challenging to emphasize the relevance of our subject to non-majors. In this workshop we will discuss ways to grab our students’ attention and encourage them to develop a keen interest in their non-major subject. A discussion and feedback session will follow—this will help to generate helpful ideas for graduate teachers from all subject areas.