Intercultural Workshops

Graduate Teacher Program Intercultural and Diversity Workshop Series

All workshops count toward GTP certificate requirements.
All graduate students, undergraduate teaching & learning assistants, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff are welcome at GTP events and activities.
For further information, please call 303-492-4902.

Intercultural and Diversity Workshop Archives

Fall:  2013,  20122011

Spring: 2013,  2012,   2011

SPRING 2014 Schedule 

Fridays 1:00 - 2:00 PM, ATLAS 200

 January 31       Privilege and Oppression in the CU Classroom

Colleen Hackett, Lead 2013-14, Sociology 

This workshop explores how privilege and oppression manifest in the classroom. We will critically and reflexively uncover examples from our teaching pasts that demonstrate privilege in action and devise practical techniques and strategies to prevent the further exclusion and silencing of traditionally marginalized voices

February 7        Exploring Cross-cultural Differences in the College Classroom 

Janice Oldroyd, Advisor, and Elizabeth Morningstar, Advisor, Academic Advising Center 

This presentation explores how culture can affect classroom interactions. Surprising examples from teaching in Thailand lay the foundation for a discussion about how misperceptions can hinder students’ ability to succeed. What behaviors do international students bring to the CU classroom? How can you become aware of these differences? 

February 14      Talking about Race, Gender, Ethnicity & Sexual Orientation in the Classroom

Annie Sugar, PhD Candidate, Program for Journalism & Mass Media 

Ms Sugar will discuss how to discuss content that involves race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation in the classroom. She will also address how to facilitate students’ discussions about challenging issues that arise.

February 21     Global Understandings of Gender and Sexuality

200 ATLAS Scarlet Bowen, Director, Center for LBGTQ 

February 28      Effective Teaching Strategies for Working with Non-native English Speaking Students

Patricia Juza, Director, International English Center 

We will discuss culture and communication issues which most affect classroom interactions, including lectures, discussions, group work, and team projects. Strategies, lesson ideas, and materials are provided to help meet the needs of non-native undergraduates.

March 7            The Hidden US Cultural Curriculum and How to Best Support International Students 

Janice Oldroyd, Advisor and Elizabeth Morningstar, Advisor, Academic Advising Center 

Instructors often use pop culture as a way to engage their students, but instructors may need to reframe these tactics to draw on the strengths and experiences of international undergraduate students taking the course with domestic students. 

March 14          Vets in the College Classroom

Mike Burtis, Doctoral Student, Sociology 

Because of the GI Bill, many veterans are returning to college or beginning as freshmen. Mr. Burtis discusses the benefits that veterans bring to a class as well as some of the personal issues faced by veterans returning to civilian campuses.