Intercultural Workshops

Graduate Teacher Program Intercultural and Diversity Workshop Series

All workshops count toward GTP certificate requirements.
All graduate students, undergraduate teaching & learning assistants, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff are welcome at GTP events and activities.
For further information, please call 303-492-4902.

Fridays 1:00 - 2:00 PM, Roser ATLAS 200

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September 18 
Approaching Difficult Confrontations in the Classroom

Joseph Stenberg, PhD Candidate, Philosophy

Contentious topics are often some of the most important and rewarding elements of our courses. These topics are also often some of the most anxiety-producing and difficult for us, as instructors, to teach. In this session we will discuss how to form your classroom culture and how to approach the teaching itself so as to make the most of the contentious topics you teach.

October 9
Aspects of Diversity in the University Classroom: From Plan to Lecture

Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave, Coordinator, Graduate Teacher Program

Let’s talk the talk and walk the walk! In this workshop we will explore key aspects of diversity in the university classroom through discussion of real-life situations while exploring a series of useful techniques for recognizing and addressing diversity in real time.

September 25
International Students in the US Classroom

Tina Tan, Director, International Students & Scholar Services and Alfred Flores, Director, Apartment Life and Children’s Services

The increase in the numbers of international students on campus means more international students in your classrooms. We will discuss how culture plays out in the classroom, specifically looking at the cultural dimensions of Emotional Expression and Direct/Indirect Communication styles. We’d like participants to share observations of some of these intercultural interactions and what cultural dimensions they think their students are exhibiting.

October 2
Accessibility Made Easy: Basics of Universal Design in Practice

Alaina Beaver, Universal Design Instructional Consultant, OIT

Did you know that the upcoming Accessibility Policy will make all instructors responsible for creating accessible courses at CU Boulder? Find out where to begin in this hands-on workshop, where our presenters will explain how the theory of Universal Design (UD) can break down any barriers to making your course accessible to all learners, from ESL students to students with “hidden” cognitive disabilities. You will learn how to make your syllabus align with UD principles, as well as discover other campus resources to help make the features of your course and content accessible, from D2L to videos to PowerPoint slides.

October 16
Navigating Multiple Worlds Without a Spacesuit: Teachers in Diverse Classrooms

Ashmi Desai, PhD Candidate, Mass Media

Moving past the deficit model, understanding diversity through self- exploration, humility, honesty, empathy and advocacy. This workshop will focus on how teachers can empower themselves through a multicultural and multi-ability classroom experience.

October 23
Writing the Diversity Statement for Your Job Letter or Teaching Portfolio

Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

Many academic job notices require a diversity statement. This workshop addresses important aspects of your diversity statement and provides guidance as you think about and plan to write your own for a job application or for your teaching portfolio.

October 30
Horatio: “Oh my God, this is unbelievably strange!” Hamlet: “And therefore as a stranger, give it welcome.”

Franziska Schweiger, Lead, GSLL

Teaching in a foreign country can be a strange experience! In this workshop, we will discuss the sometime challenging situations that international TA’s and GTPI’s face while teaching in a foreign language and culture. Participants will discuss their own experience in the classroom, and learn useful techniques to address these moments of strangeness.