Intercultural Workshops

Graduate Teacher Program Intercultural and Diversity Workshop Series

All workshops count toward GTP certificate requirements.
All graduate students, undergraduate teaching & learning assistants, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff are welcome at GTP events and activities.
For further information, please call 303-492-4902.

Intercultural and Diversity Workshop Archives

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Spring: 2014, 2013, 20122011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007.

Fridays 1:00 - 2:00 PM, ATLAS 200

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Spring 2015 Schedule PDF

January 30:

Writing the Diversity Statement for Your Job Letter or Teaching Portfolio

Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

Many academic job notices require a diversity statement. This workshop addresses important aspects of your diversity statement and provides guidance as you think about and plan to write your own for a job application or for your teaching portfolio.

February 6:

The Role of Culture in the Classroom

Tina Tan, Director, International Students and Scholar Services and Alfred Flores, Assistant Director of Apartment Life and Child Services

The number of international students on campus has been increasing in the last few years. We will look at how culture plays out in the classroom, specifically looking at the two cultural dimensions of Emotional Expression and Direct/Indirect communication in a classroom setting.

February 13:

Understanding the Impact of the Concepts of Positionality and Intersectionality in the Classroom

Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

In this workshop, we will take and discuss an inventory that helps you describe your own standpoint in life. We will also discuss how different standpoints may intersect and how this perspective may have an impact on your interactions with students in your classes. Information from a survey with graduate students will be shared..

February 20:

Comparing US Postsecondary Open Education’s Option with Asian, European & South American Models

Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave, Lead Coordinator, Graduate Teacher Program

International teaching assistants may be perplexed by the US postsecondary system. In this session, we will illuminate the differences and the consequences of those differences on student engagement and performance in American classrooms.

February 27:

Classroom Interactions Involving Difference: Bystander Approaches to Increasing Learning and Decreasing Harm

Lee Scriggins, Community Health, Wardenburg Health Services

Differences in the classroom can be a source of value for learning, as well as increase student engagement in education, and retention/persistence in higher education. However, they can also be a source of conflict and harm. Often witnesses or bystanders in the classroom are well positioned to intervene to reduce harm and improved the learning environment. Skills and challenges will be shared in this interactive workshop.

March 6:

Cultural Awareness in the Classroom

Brian Casey, Provost’s Fellow, Music

In this workshop we will explore how to develop a better understanding of intercultural communication in our classrooms in order to become culturally competent teachers, mentors, and members of the academic community. By looking at specific tools, such as the Bennett model of cultural competence, we will develop in all participants a personalized understanding of cultural competence and explore how these concepts can be addressed in each teacher’s diversity statement.