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Graduate Teacher Program Friday Forum & Workshop Series

GTP logoAll workshops count toward GTP certificate requirements.
All graduate students, undergraduate teaching & learning assistants, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff are welcome at GTP events and activities.
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Fridays 10:00-11:00AM, Roser ATLAS 229

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Faculty Voices

January 29

Applying to a Teaching College: What to Know and What (Not) to Say
Mark Pleiss, Visiting Professor, St. Olaf College 

Dr. Pleiss will discuss how to prepare a letter of interest, a CV, a statement of teaching philosophy for an assistant professorship at a teaching college, questions and answers to have ready for the phone and/or Skype interview, as well as tips for preparing for the teaching segment of the campus interview. The workshop is designed for students in all fields. Bring a job description for a position that interests you.

February 5

Building and Managing Team-Based Course Projects
Eben Johnson, Engineering Management

Employers within technical industries are increasingly calling for students to be better trained in how to be productive and appreciated members of their teams. And, we are responding well by increasing the number of team-based projects in our courses. Yet, such team-based projects don’t necessarily teach students how to be better teammates, and, unfortunately, some teams don’t do well. Based on my own experiences plus industry and student feedback, this workshop will offer attendees a set of tips and tricks to help better build, manage, and enjoy team-based course projects.

February 12

Writing a Your Cover Letter and Teaching Statement for an Academic Position: Do’s and Don’ts
Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

In this workshop we will go over the essential components of an academic cover letter that will keep your application out of the round file. We will also go over the components of your attached teaching statement for an academic application. If you have drafts, bring them along to discuss your questions.

February 19

Three Birds, One Stone: Community-based Learning, Professional Service, and the Scholarship of Engagement
David E. Meens, Director for Outreach and Engagement, Instructor, INVST and School of Education 

Strategies of community engaged teaching and learning combine high-impact pedagogical models with practical professional service, building upon and extending the scholarship of engagement. Participants will consider examples at CU-Boulder and beyond, and explore ways to enrich student learning and meet requirements for professional advancement through additional avenues for publication and service.

February 26

Writing a Teaching Portfolio for the Academic Job Market
Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

In this workshop we will go over the essential components of an effective portfolio. Then, we will compare these components to sample portfolios and judge their efficacy for landing an academic position.

March 4

Things I Still Wish I Knew How to Do after 20 Years of Teaching at CU
Timothy Oakes, Professor, Geography

In this session I will reflect on two decades of teaching at CU. Those years have taught me a few things about being a good teacher, some of which I’ve learned to do, but many of which I’m still trying to do better! (And those things have nothing to do with technology.)

March 11

The Activist Scholar: Balancing the Demands of the Ivory Tower and the Desire to Engage in Social Activism
Hillary Potter, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies

Participants will assess how to balance their activist work within or alongside the cultural and procedural confines of (future) employment as a college/university professor. The workshop will include a guided assessment and group discussion of the realities of workshop participants’ balance of academic work with activist activities.