The Tutor Newsletter

The Tutor is the Graduate Teacher Program Newsletter.  However, despite the moniker “newsletter,” it is not “newsy” in the typical way. Rather, it is a publication designed to highlight CU Boulder faculty, to help graduate students teach while they are on the Boulder campus, and to encourage them to think carefully about their career track. Articles are based on Graduate Teacher Program workshops led by local faculty members. The section, “Tooter’s Teaching Tips,” provides a quick introduction to specific approaches. “Words from the Wise” highlights quotes on education and topical issues from a diverse base of educators and writers.

The TUTOR has been replace by the Graduate Teacher Program Blog.

Archived copies of the The Tutor are available here for your reference.

Volume 13:

Vol.13 No.1 Fall 2012

Volume 12:

Vol.12 No.2 Spring 2012

Vol.12 No.1 Fall 2011

Vol.12 No.1 Fall 2003

Volume 11:

Vol.11 No.2 Spring 2011

Vol.11 No.1 Fall 2010

Volume 10:

Vol.10 No.1 Fall 1999

Volume 9:

Vol.9 No.2 1998

Vol.9 No.1 1997

Volume 8:

Vol.8 No.4 1997

Vol.8 No.1 1997

Vol.8 No.3 1996

Vol.8 No.1 1995

Volume 7:

Vol.7 No.3 Fall 1994

Vol.7 No.2 Summer 1994

Volume 6:

Vol.6 No.4 West 1992-1993

Vol.6 No.2 Summer 1992

Vol.6 No.3 Fall 1992

Vol.6 No.1 Spring 1991

Volume 5:

Vol.5 No.3 Fall 1989

Vol.5 No.2 Summer 1989

Vol.5 No.4 Winter 1989

Vol.5 No.1 Spring 1989

Volume 4:

Vol.4 No.4 Winter 1988

Vol.4 No.3 Fall 1988

Vol.4 No.2 Summer 1988

Vol.4 No.1 Spring 1988

Volume 3:

Vol.3 No.3 Fall 1987

Vol.3 No.1 Summer 1987


Vol.2 No.4 Winter 1986

Vol.2 No.2 Summer 1986

Vol.2 No.1 Spring 1986

Volume 1:

Vol.1 No.4 Winter 1995

Vol 1 No.3 Fall 1985

Vol 1 No.1 Spring 1985