Training Events

The Graduate Teacher Program offers graduate students a variety of teacher training and professional development opportunities.GTP Logo

Activities include:

  • Weekly workshops
  • Pre-semester trainings (the Fall Intensive and Spring Conference)
  • COPFFN Forum
  • Lead Training Seminar
  • Summer workshops

Topics include personal and professional development, college and university pedagogy, assessment and evaluation, and contemporary issues in higher education.

Online Discrimination and Harrassment Training for CU


The Graduate Teacher Program’s professional development projects offer opportunities to graduate students who want to explore faculty careers in more detail. COPFFN introduces participants to the landscape of postsecondary education. Intercultural activities encourage all graduate students to view higher education and diversity as a global opportunity. The Lead Network prepares a select group of graduate students for leadership in academia. The Provost’s Fellowship for the Libraries encourages interested scholars to consider careers as academic librarians. TIGER expands opportunities for STEM graduate students.