Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER)

Since 2006, the Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER) has worked to enhance the creative synergy that exists between graduate student teaching and research.  TIGER's goal is to show graduate students who aspire to be future faculty members how to utilize their disciplinary knowledge and research experience to develop innovative teaching practices for undergraduate education. Through our collaboration with the National CIRTL Network, we have leveraged the resources of local and CIRTL Network faculty to enrich our discussions on the scholarship of teaching and learning. TIGER offers workshops that focus on the CIRTL pillars—teaching as research, learning communities, and teaching and learning through classroom diversity.

TIGER supports graduate education research through the following activities:TIGER in Grad Cap

  • TIGER Workshops highlight issues in teaching and learning in STEM fields.
  • TIGER Teaches supports TIGER TAR and TIGER DAD participants, providing them with the opportunity to interact with members of the TIGER Team and other TIGER TAR and DAD fellows, receive feedback on their projects, and establish a sense of community.
  • TIGER Diversity on Campus (DOC) TIGER DOC training is designed to help CU Boulder graduate teachers (TAs, RAs, and GPTIs) incorporate diversity and inclusion into their classroom environments and be prepared to enter a diverse teaching and workforce environment. Because TIGER DOC is supported currently on an NSF grant and subcontract from the Center for the Integration of Research Teaching Learning (CIRTL), the focus of the training will be on teaching in the STEM disciplines. Thus, CU Boulder science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), sociology and anthropology graduate students are invited to participate. Graduate students from other departments may participate, and are welcome, if space allows. Participation is limited to 20 graduate students.
  • TIGER Research on Academic Retention (ROAR) Learning Community is designed to focus on undergraduate retention in STEM departments. More specifically, this project will focus on statistics courses in STEM departments that are challenging to students and are considered bottlenecks to major completion. We are interested in exploring the relationship between students’ performance in these courses and student retention and matriculation in STEM departments. This project will also give us an opportunity to collaborate with Continuing Education, which is where many students who don’t succeed in on-campus bottleneck courses often find themselves.

  • TIGER TARGET program brings together faculty and students in College of Engineering to study aspects of teaching and learning within engineering. Together, these teams will use the familiar tools of research in their field to study teaching and learning in their discipline. The TIGER TARGET program is an expansion of the TIGER Teaching-as-Research program, and is an initiative to include undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs and faculty members.  For graduate students/post-docs, TIGER TARGET program can provide an opportunity for you to gain experience using modern teaching methods and prepare you for your future job. This project could count towards your Preparing Future Faculty Project for the Professional Development Certificate in Preparing Future Faculty. More information about this certification can be found here!  
  • TIGER Summer Teaching-as-Research Institute for Postdocs in Engineering (STRIPE) is developed through NSF CIRTL funding, the Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER) builds on the CIRTL core ideas—learning-through-diversity, learning communities, and teaching-as-research—to promote development of future STEM faculty in teaching and learning. This  annual workshop is held during summer semester.

    The 4-hour per day, 5-day workshop will include educational research techniques, CIRTL topics, and seminal engineering education research findings. Open to post-docs and brand new faculty at any institution with or without prior significant teaching experience. Participants will complete a genuine teaching and learning experience to discus in their faculty job interviews. All STEM fields are welcome.

  • GTP offers two $500 STEM research awards per calendar year. 

TIGER Advisory Board

The TIGER Advisory Board guides the development of the TIGER/CIRTL Initiative on the CU-Boulder campus.

  • Jean Hertzberg, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
    Faculty Director and Co-PI, TIGER/CIRTL Initiative at the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Laura Border
    Director, Graduate Teacher Program and PI, TIGER/CIRTL Initiative at the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Jennifer Knight
    Senior Instructor, MCDB
  • Valerie Otero
    Associate Professor, School of Education
  • Jacquelyn Sullivan
    Co-Director, ITL Laboratory, College of Engineering and Applied Science Professor, Civil Engineering 
    Env & Arch Engineering
  • Bill Wood
    Professor, MCDB