Provost’s Fellows for the University Libraries

  • Norlin West End

    The Provost’s Fellowship for the Libraries

    introduces participants to careers in academic librarianship.
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    The Provost's Fellows for the Libraries

    work closely with university library faculty.
  • Inside Norlin Library study area

    The need for academic librarians

    with subject, language and technical specialties has increased dramatically as the volume of information available continues to grow.

2014-15 Provost's Fellowship Online Application Now Open - Click Here

What is the Provost's Fellowship for the Libraries?

The Graduate Teacher Program, in collaboration with the University Libraries  offers an annual Provost’s Fellowship for the Libraries.

Beginning in the academic year 2014–15, the Provost’s Fellowship will focus on Information Sciences. The Fellowship illustrates the benefits of combining a subject master’s degree with a master’s degree in library science, resulting in a challenging and rewarding career filled with mobility and advancement potential. The need for librarians with subject, language, technical and information sciences specialties has increased dramatically as the volume of information available continues to grow and access to quality information becomes more difficult.

Over the course of an academic semester, the Provost’s Fellows for the Libraries will provided the opportunity to work in depth with a library faculty mentor and to expand their understanding and appreciation of library faculty careers in postsecondary institutions.

Provost's Fellows  pursue the PDC:PFF. Activities include the fellowship activities in the CU Libraries, attendance at the annual COPFFN Forum, a site visit to a neighboring academic library, attendance at library and GTP workshops, and the development of a portfolio.

What are the Requirements to Apply for the Library Fellowship?


You must be enrolled as a full-time CU student in good standing during the academic term you are to serve as a fellow and receive a fellowship.

Application Process

  • Submit the Fellowship Application Form. (Available in fall of the academic year)
  • Departmental Approval Form
  • Curriculum Vitae & current CU transcript (photocopies OK).
  • Submit a record of participation in GTP activities.
  • A letter of application with the expression of areas of interest in working in a particular area of the University Libaries.

Please note: Finalists will be interviewed by the Library Faculty members.

2014-15 Provost's Fellowship Application NOW OPEN

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