The Professional Development Certification for Business, Government, Industry & Arts (PDC:BGIA)

It's important to realize that professional development is also invaluable to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows wanting to pursue a career outside academia. Leaders in business, government, industry, and the nonprofit sector want to hire graduate students or postdoctoral fellows who have demonstrated higher level organizational skills and an investment in their own professional development.

The Graduate Teacher Program in collaboration with Career Services administers the Professional Development Certificate for Business, Government, Industry or the Arts. This collaborative program engages graduate student participants in participation in both the Graduate Teacher Program and Career Services activities because we believe that teaching experience and content knowledge are valuable skill sets in the nonacademic market.

Application Form 

Internship Learning Plan  

PDC:BGIA Attendance Tracker

Professional Portfolio

Step by Step Requirements of Completion.

Who can be Awarded the PDC:BGIA?

To participate you must be a registered CU-Boulder graduate student in good standing, a CU-Boulder postdoctoral fellow with departmental approval, or a CU-Boulder instructor of faculty member. The completion of the certificate will be noted on the graduate student's transcripts.

Any graduate student who is making adequate progress toward his or her degree is eligible to apply for an internship and to pursue the certificate.

Step by Step Requirements of Completion.

What are the PDC:BGIA Program Goals?

Our goals for the program include: 

  1. Helping graduate students to expand through management, team leadership, or other contributions
  2. Providing graduate students with the opportunity to use their academic expertise in a nonacademic environment
  3. To give them experiences outside of academia so that they can provide their future students with more opportunities

What is the Time Commitment?

We suggest that graduate teachers complete the requirements over a minimum of two years.

Because the project involves two units and an off-campus site, the application procedure is complex.  However, students who have persevered have been very happy with their outcomes. 

Please read the following directions and forms carefully, speak with Annie Piatt in Career Services to facilitate your planning and application, and email your application as stated below.