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Denver International AirportThe Graduate Teacher Program supports the needs of international graduate students at the University of Colorado Boulder. International teaching assistants, graduate part-time instructors, and graduate research assistants are all welcome at all Graduate Teacher Program activities and may all participate in our certificate programs. However, because adjusting to US academic culture and serving as a teaching assistant or graduate part-time instructor can be challenging, we also provide specific activities and services for international students. To help International Graduate Teachers think about and address classroom teaching issues, an International Graduate Teacher Manual is available for download on the GTP webpage.

The International Graduate Teacher Manual contains basic information that is helpful for international teachers who are new to American classrooms.

To access the IGT Manual for download, please click:    IGT Manual

ESL Resources 
There are several resources in Boulder for internationals who would like to improve their English language skills.

  • The International English Center (303-492-5547) offers writing courses and speech courses.
  • Both the Center for Talk Mastery in Boulder  and the Clearly Speaking Program in the Speech Language and Hearing Sciences Department on campus (303-492-5375) offer pronunciation and accent reduction support.
  • The ESL/Multilingual Program in the Student Academic Services Center (303-492-1405) offers a weekly pronunciation workshop that focuses on the phonetics of English vowels and consonants.
  • The Boulder Public Library Outreach Department (303-441-4941) also has a free conversation group. 
  • Clearly Speaking - Speech Language Hearing Center is a comprehensive training program for individuals who speak English as a second language and wish to increase their ability to be understood by others. The Clearly Speaking group uses an adaptation of the Compton P-ESL method, which is supported by 20 years of linguistics research, to help participants improve their pronunciation of American English.

Information Sharing
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Other Resources

Faculty/Staff Resource Guide For Assisting International Students:

Resource guide that is designed to be a quick reference for CU faculty and staff in support of the University’s growing enrollment of international students.  The guide features departmental descriptions and contact  names, e-mail and phone numbers for staff to facilitate a personalized contact and point of referral

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS):

International Student and Scholar Services is the office which bears the overall institutional responsibility for international students once they are admitted to the University of Colorado at Boulder.

International Graduate Teachers
Beyond Boulder
We work with the International Teaching Assistant section at Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). If you are interested in International TA programs at different universities, the web site provides more information.