Call for Application 2014-15

Graduate Teacher Program


The Lead Network has two goals:

1) to develop the Leads themselves as future academic managers, leaders, teachers, and consultants; and

2) to assist departments with internal TA preparation in order to improve undergraduate education.  Leads are hired as Administrative Interns, thus Lead training focuses on academic management, leadership, college pedagogy, consultation, and teamwork. The Leads receive a 6% Administrative Intern appointment. Leads receive the Best Should Teach Silver Award at the Best Should Teach Lecture in August. 


Requirements include: serving as a liaison between the GTP and the home department, meeting with the lead coordinators, negotiating and writing a training plan that is acceptable to the GTP and to the department, presenting on opportunities available in the Graduate Teacher Program to graduate students and faculty, consulting with TAs during office hours and in videotape consultations, developing and presenting at least one discipline-specific workshop, working on a cross-disciplinary team, and turning in a final report. Leads also do a teaching assistant support activity of their choice within the home department. 



  • Must be available May 12-15, 2014*, for the Lead training seminar. (Training counts as 15 workshops toward GTP certification.)
  • Excellent working relationships with the chair, graduate advisor, TA supervisor/coordinator, and graduate program assistant
  • Interest in personally developing management, leadership, consultation, pedagogical, and team work skills
  • Interest in being a good role model to incoming TAs  
  • Interest in working on an multi-disciplinary team of Leads
  • Interest in developing and presenting workshops on teaching and consulting with TAs on their teaching


  • Average score of 3.0 or better on the Faculty Course Questionnaire (FCQ) for courses previously taught
  • Four to six semesters of teaching experience. You do not need to be teaching currently. If your department allows only one year of teaching, and that is all you have had, you may still apply
  • Continued progress toward completion of a certificate in college teaching or a professional development certificate


  • The Seminar on Academic Management, Leadership, College Pedagogy, Consultation, and Team Work on May 12-15, 2014
  • Best Should Teach lecture on August 21, 2014, 6:00 PM
  • Intermittent meetings with Lead Coordinators during the academic year.
  • Collaborative Preparing Future Faculty Network Forum, Saturday, March 7, 2015
  • Capstone Poster Event, Friday, April 3, 2015 


1.  Meet with your department chair or graduate advisor to express your interest and to demonstrate your qualifications to be recommended as your department's Lead for the Graduate Teacher Program.**  If the department selects you, you may identify a faculty mentor of your choice who is willing to help you as Lead Graduate Teacher for the academic year 2014-15.  The chair, graduate advisor, TA coordinator or supervisor (if the department has one), and your Lead Faculty Mentor, must sign the Departmental Approval Form before you may begin your online application.

 2.  If you are the single candidate approved by the department and if you have a completed and signed Departmental Approval Form to submit, scan it, and make it into a PDF, so that you can upload it.  Then, proceed with Step One online application.  Upon completion of Step One, you will receive an email with link to complete Step Two of the application.

3.   No cover letter is required. Please fill out the online application and include:

  • Lead Graduate Teacher application (STEP ONE online form)
  • Departmental Approval Form signed by all appropriate individuals. You may identify a faculty mentor of your choice who is willing to help you as Lead Graduate Teacher for the academic year 2014-15.
  • Application questions (STEP TWO online form)
  • Current CV or résumé (STEP TWO upload as pdf)
  • Summary of your Faculty Course Questionnaires for courses you have previously taught (not the individual FCQs)(STEP TWO upload as pdf)
  • Photograph of yourself (can be a photocopy, STEP TWO upload as pdf)
  • Personal Attendance Tracking form (see GTP website) that includes home department TA training hours & GTP workshops (STEP TWO upload as pdf)

4.  Complete and submit STEP TWO of the online application by 5:00 PM on Friday, February 14, 2014.

5.  Talk to the GTP front desk staff , at 303–492–4902 and schedule an interview with the GTP Director.

6.  If Dr. Border approves you for hire, have the GTP front desk staff schedule your first 30–minute meeting with a Lead Coordinator. 


* Individuals teaching or taking a course during MayMester should not apply, as MayMester courses conflict with lead training.

**Returning Leads should fill out the Returning Lead portion of online application and schedule interviews with the GTP Director and the Lead Coordinators. 

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