Tech Workshop on Web Grading System

March 14, 2014

Tuesday, March 18th, 11:00 AM, ATLAS 200

Many instructors experience frustration when posting grades at the end of the semester, especially when trying to port those grades from D2L into Web Grading. In this workshop, you will learn a few best practices to simplify the process of grading -- from D2L through final posting in the Web Grading system. Learning objectives include: exporting course grades out of D2L, customizing the exported file, importing the grades file into the Web Grading system, entering grades directly into Web Grading (for those who do not use D2L), and completing the posting. Even if you do not use D2L, you will get helpful tips for posting your course grades accurately and completely.

Brad Grabham, Academic Technology Consultant, Office of Information Technology 

Susan Dorsey, Assistant Registrar for Enrollment Services & Web Grading Liaison, Office of the Registrar