$2500 Provost's Fellowship in the University Libraries at CU Boulder

October 18, 2013

Norlin Library

The Provost’s Fellowship in the University Libraries at CU Boulder provides outstanding CU-Boulder graduate students with the opportunity to expand their understanding and appreciation of library faculty careers in postsecondary institutions over the course of spring semester 2014. Fellows receive an award of $2500 when all requirements are completed and turned in.


a)    Participate during Spring Semester 2014 in a mentorship with a library faculty member and participate in occasional events with other Provost’s Library Fellows (approximately 120 hours). The mentorship fulfills the mentorship requirement for the PDC:PFF.

b)    Complete the additional requirements for the Graduate Teacher Program’s Professional Development Certificate for Preparing Future Faculty (approximately 30 hours). The Socratic Portfolio will cover your mentorship experience. Activities completed previously count toward the requirements. One required event is the COPFFN Forum (Saturday, March 15, 2014). Click here for PDC:PFF Tracking Form.

c)    Participate in periodic survey activities, before and after graduation, to help with ongoing assessment of the Provost’s Fellowship in the University Libraries at CU Boulder.

Application Process

Submit all documentation by October 31, 2013 to:

Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

201 ATLAS, 362 UCB

University of Colorado at Boulder

Boulder, CO 80309-0362

All forms are available online at: CU University Libraries and also online at  GTP

Applicants must submit:

  1. This Fellowship Application Form.
  2. Departmental Approval Form.
  3. Current résumé or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  4. CU Boulder transcript (photocopies OK) or current course schedule.
  5. A record of participation in GTP activities, (GTP Attendance Tracking Form)
  6. A letter of application with expression of areas of interest in working in a particular area of the University Libraries. Letters of application should address:

a.    The applicant’s background and/or interest in working with a particular academic discipline.

b.    The types of activities or projects that the applicant is interested in exploring during the fellowship.

c.     Any prior experiences or qualifications that are relevant to this fellowship.

d.    What the applicant hopes to gain from the fellowship and how the fellowship will enhance his/her future career.

e.     Any other information pertinent to the fellowship.


Selection of Candidates

Applications are reviewed by a faculty panel and selected on the potential for success within the fellowship, the strength of the students’ academic record, commitment to personal and professional development, and the student’s interest in pursuing an academic career in librarianship.


1.    The Provost’s Fellow in the University Libraries at CU Boulder will be mentored by a library faculty mentor in the University Libraries at CU Boulder.

2.    The faculty mentor in the University Libraries at CU Boulder agrees to help the Fellow to develop a mentorship plan and to meet with the Provost’s Fellow throughout Spring 2014. The faculty mentor will submit to the Graduate Teacher Program a written evaluation of the Provost’s Fellow’s performance.

  1. The Provost’s Fellow will complete requirements for the Professional Development Certificate for Preparing Future Faculty, including attendance at the COPFFN Forum (Saturday, March 15, 2014).

4.    All experiences in the University Libraries count toward the requirements listed for the PDC:PFF.

5.    All work must be completed and turned in by May 9, 2014.


Graduate Teacher Program

201 ATLAS, 362 UCB   

Boulder, CO 80309-0362    

University of Colorado Boulder


Committee on the Recruitment to the Profession of Academic Librarianship

University Libraries, 184 UCB

University of Colorado Boulder